Camera Nut-Case

As you can tell, I just love photography. Have camera will travel. Have camera will annoy friends and even strangers! I would very much like to share more of my photos with you but most of the good ones exist only in print or slide format and not yet in digital (Santa failed to deliver the photoscanner I was hoping for). Nevertheless, I recently got a digital camera and I allowed my self to be self-indulgent and decided to post four of my favourite photos here. These were all taken with an Olympus Mu camera with the exception of the photo above which was sent to me by my friend Lefter.

Museum , Washington D.C.

My very first camera was a Kodak Instamatic which was really just like a toy camera. I was totally unhappy with it. So while still a student, I saved up a considerable sum of money for that time and purchased an Olympus OM10 which is a semi-automatic SLR camera which allows for a full manual mode. This may sound a little technical but basically it meant that I could buy and use exchangeable lenses and play around with speed and aperture. In short, I could begin to experiment and become creative with my camera.

Firedance, Ulu Watu, Bali.

I’ll be honest, I probably liked photography cause it was a lot easier to be creative with a camera than with other mediums like painting. Press a button versus slaving over a canvas and a palette. It was a “no-brainer”. Of course, I had to learn all kinds of technical stuff like zooming, depth of field, bracketing a shot etc. , but its all fun. Like many males, I just enjoy playing with technological toys.

Seaside at dusk, Durban, South Africa

Once, I had the Olympus OM10, my obsession or addiction with photography was able to blossom.
Today I laugh at Japanese tourists who carry a shoulder full of lenses and tripods, and who set up in the most inappropriate places such as lying down in the middle of the road, so as to get the perfect picture. I shake my head at people who wait 5 hours for the sun to reach the preferred spot for the photograph. But in both cases, that was me, that was me.

God-daughter and her dad, Malaysia

Finally, there was an occasion when I went on a picnic with some University friends and as usual, I brought my camera along. I took some really great portraits that day. Later, when we were looking over the photos, we had such a good time laughing over the funny antics. Then suddenly, it hit me like a falling ACME safe from a Warner Brothers’ cartoon. It was such a fun day and the pictures showed everyone having so much fun but where was I? I was behind my camera, recording memories but not making them. It sobered me up. I have been more controlled in my camera use now. It’s good to record life but it shouldn’t get in the way of living.


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