Remembering Depression

This is my fourth poetry posting. In my 100th post, I shared that I had suffered depression for more than a year. This was when I was a University student and when I first came out to work. I will share more about this at some later time.

Some of the bloggers that I read have been going through a very difficult times and some are in the grips of depression. I just want to say that I made it through with supportive friends and God’s grace and I know that they can make it through too. I also wanted very much that they know that they are not alone in what they feel and experience; that others can understand and emphatise too. Therefore with the aid of a beautiful picture, I am remembering my depression (when you are depressed, you can see the darkness even in the midst of beauty). I hope this to be an encouragement.

The sky turns red and wondrous
As the sun goes to bed.
But my heart only turns anxious
Anticipating the darkness that’s ahead.

Already the day’s warmth is fading
As light gives way to gloom
In to the soul a chill is creeping
Fires of hope burn black with doom.

Soon the night will be its darkest
No stars or heavenly bodies to be seen
And in that pit of deepest blackness
One might wish that they had never been

Each long hour or day that passes
Like dark molasses pulls us down
A prison sentence that is upon us
Four dank walls, all hope is drowned

Even prayers seem to receive no answer
Cried from the heart, yet makes no sound,
No place to hide, I escape to slumber
To flee the accusing voices all around.

I have no hope for morning
My limbs are weary, my bones’ dry
For now it’s enough, each moment surviving
I am alive if I can still cry.

P.S. Dawn will come. Just hold on through the night.


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