Easter as I See It (by HMYU)

Just six months ago, I was oblivious to the blogging world. My wife reads blogs but they were mostly recipe sites and of little interest to me. Then a good friend of mine talked about setting up a blog to share about his faith in God. I waited and waited for it and nothing happened. Then he’d mention it again and I’d wait and nothing happened. Finally, last October, I challenged him to see who could get a blog up over the weekend as a way of getting him moving. That really didn’t achieve its purpose but it did get me started on blogging.

Anyway, he has finally got his blog up and I asked him if he could guest blog over here for me. So, may I present to you HMYU and his first post on the blogosphere with his take on the Easter Story. Please help me to encourage him to keep it coming.

“I see disunity among Christians,
I see no peace among nations,
I see the Gospel twisted of its facts,
And I see now why God had to act!

I see deterioration in moral values of the human race,
I see corruption and injustice showing its ugly face,
I see no hope for us all at this age,
But yet I see each individual knitted and created in God’s image!

I see sky scrappers and man-made achievement,
I see man’s pride with all it’s invention,
I see self-reliance is the key to life,
And I see now why Christ had to give up his life!

I see nature being plundered and raped,
I see no hope for all the creatures that God made,
I see how marvelous God’s hand in all creation,
And I see only through Christ, we can have redemption!

I see the cross where you and I should be the one carrying,
I see death as our destiny with eternal suffering,
I see this journey to Calvary no one is prepare to take,
And I see Christ who took all these for our sake!

”My God, My God, Why have thou forsaken me?”

I see pain on His face at Calvary,
I see grief and sadness, with breath barely,
I see much tears and blood that were shed,
But I do not see Him showing any regret!

I see bondage in the human race,
I see death and destruction we will surely face,
I see God’s intervention in human history,
And I see hope, for Christ who died and now arose in all glory!

”Forgive them for they know not what they are doing”

I see sadness,
I see gentleness,
I see forgiveness,
And I see love manifested in all its greatness!

I see Christ as the living Savior,
I see His grace is for all without condition or favor,
I see salvation if we only believe,
And I see there is hope with God’s full pardon……what a relief!

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” ~ Joshua 24:15

I see Christ ascended up in glory,
I see now this is the Gospel story,
I see no matter who says whatsoever the contrary,
I will still declare….He lives! He lives! And He lives in me…..what a mystery!”


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