Squirrel’s Secret Spot No: 5a (Bogor Botanic Gardens)

Bogor is a city with many interesting facets. It is located about 60 km south of Jakarta in the Indonesian island of Java. Located between the hot coastal plains and the mountains and also receiving the most rain on the island, it is a popular retreat from the heat of Java. It is also a very historical city. In the 5th Century, it was an important part of Java’s first Hindu kingdom of Tarumanegara. Then in the early 19th Century, for a short period, it served as the administrative centre for British controlled Indonesia. When the Dutch took control of the Indonesian archipelago, it then became the capitol of the territories during the dry season and went by the name of Buitenzorg which apparently means “beyond cares”. Today, Bogor is a sprawling city of over 3 million people. If you have even a flleting interest in botany, then it also holds another gem…….the Bogor Botanical Gardens.
These gardens were the inspiration of Sir Stamford Raffles but officially completed and launched in 1817 by the Dutch. They are 87 hectares of botanic wonders from the Malesia and Wallacea regions and today also borders with the Presidential Summer Palace. It is estimated that there are about 15,000 plant and tree species in this garden.
It is too big and wondrous to be covered in just one post. This will be the first in a series of three and will focus on the town and large trees and plants.
Entrance to the Gardens

Bananas with the heart (flower)

World’s Tallest flower- too
bad it isn’t blooming

What it is supposed to look like

Bird’s Nest Ferns
Very big buttress roots

Extremely Rude Fruit


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