Jungle Stream and Mahua Falls

Mahua Sub-station, Crocker Range Park (LGS)
During my recent trip to Borneo, I made a visit to the Crocker Range Park. The Crocker Range is a range runs parallel to the western coast of Sabah. It is located about 2.5 hours from the town of Kota Kinabalu. At the north end of Crocker lies Mount Kinabalu which is the tallest mountain in South East Asia. The entire mountain range consists of sedimentary rocks laid out in layers of sandstone and shale which have been uplifted.
The Crocker Range Park was formed to protect the pristine forest and many endangered plants and animals but its primary function is to protect important watersheds to ensure a continued supply of clean, fresh water.
One of the stops was made to the Mahua Sub-station. From here, a short trail leads to the 50 foot high Mahua Falls.
Juvenile Cicada (LGS)
Mahua Stream (LGS)

Sedimentary Rock Layers at base of Mahua Falls (LGS)
Mahua Falls (LGS)



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