And the winner is…….

It’s true. After years of humiliating rejection for serious scientific work, LGS was finally awarded the Nobel Prize for Partying and this was acheived by winning a little competition. He was nominated for and awarded the prize by Stock City Girl. She is Swedish and lives just round the corner from the Nobel Museum, so you know this is as authentic as it gets (also I was not required to pay any money so that proves it is not a scam). With tears in his eyes, the Awardee said,”If I had only known it could be won so easily, I would not have studied that hard at University. Thank you Stock City Girl for believing in me.”

This just in:- This reporter has learnt that LGS has also been awarded the “Balls Award” by nancycle on 22nd of May. The selection process for the “Balls Award” is very different in that it is more of a people’s choice award rather than undergoing the stringent selection process of the elite Nobel Committees. The Awardee said, “It was harder to win this award than the Nobel Prize as it involved doing a short thesis on song lyric interpretations. It was like sitting for an exam and it was not multiple guess….er, I mean choice!” He added, “I am honored to have been awarded this by nancycle cause she deserves the female equivalent of this award…….and I have no idea what that award would be called!”

When asked about his future plans, he replied, “Awards are fine but you still have to eat. So I’ll still be collecting nuts tomorrow.”


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