Squirrel’s Secret Spot No: 5b (Bogor Botanic Gardens)

The Presidential Palace

Water lilies

More Water Lilies

Last month I posted on Bogor Botanic Gardens in Bogor, Indonesia. In that instalment, the first of three, I focused on the Gardens and some of the main botanical exhibits. This second instalment will focus on the Summer Presidential Palace which is adjacent to the Botanic Gardens.
This Palace is still used to house visiting heads of state. At one point, all that separates the public from the palace grounds is the Botanic Gardens Lily Pond. This structure is a legacy from the Dutch rule of Indonesia and in part of the Gardens is a small graveyard for these early Dutch adventurers and colonialists.

The rest of the expansive palace grounds are fenced but the fence functions to keep the large herd (600) of white spotted miniature Deer in as much as to keep intruders out. These deer are descendents of deer brought in from India and are a major attraction for visitors to the Gardens.

Dutch Graveyard in Bogor Botanic Gardens

Miniature White Spotted Deer


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