How it began

Guess what? I finally got my photo scanner. It’s not the best as it was actually a free hand me down when an office upgraded their equipment but it will do for now. It means I can access my non-digital photos and that means I can at last show you pictures of Spikey and Loonie the two squirrels that started my obsession and downward spiral into subservience to squirrels. By the next spring I was firmly entranced as their slave, dutifully buying nuts every week on my pitiful student allowance, for an entire circus of some fifteen regular squirrels and assorted transients.

For the whole sorry story, read all about it in “Introducing the cast and characters“, the suspenseful “Did I kill him?” and the X-file episode “Dissecting Spikey“.

Anyway, I am celebrating having the scanner at last as it gives me access to a lot more material. Happy days.


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