Where have all the Blog Men gone?

I am a blogger and I am male which at least qualifies me for “dude blogger” (unless there are further qualifications to being a dude). But anyway, thanks to Top Cat, I have been given this award that allows me to add “awesome” in front of “dude blogger”.

To be honest, the most awesome thing about being a dude blogger is that there aren’t many of us. Honestly, where are all the guys in the blogosphere. Not that I am complaining but the female to male ratio in the blogs are a little embarassing. It’s therefore not surprising that Top Cat had trouble coming up with 5 names to nominate. I too have that problem. From my small list of male bloggers, most have already got the award or are off taking a short break during summer. So I am not going to try to nominate anyone. But Top Cat thanks, you are one rockin’ and shakin’ cat.


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