What? Me Cute?


Recently, someone made this comment;

“You know what you sometimes hide really well on this blog (but whichy comes through hugely in this post)?

You’re really cute.”

Because I am moderately “schizo”, “schizotypal”, “avoidance” and “dependent” inclined squirrel according to the online personality disorder test. (and I thought I was just being paranoid), I couldn’t sleep for weeks. What was the meaning of this comment? Why did she say I was “really cute”? What does “cute” mean?

So I looked up the definition of “cute” in the Encarta Dictionary and this is what I found;

cute [ kyoot ] (comparative cut·er, superlative cut·est)


1. attractive in childlike way: endearingly attractive in the way that some children and young animals are
Are you trying to say I’m immature? I am way too old to be confused with a child or a young animal. Don’t forget, I am a “grey” squirrel……and no spring chicken.

2. physically attractive: young and physically attractive
I wish! If you meant this, you must have been trying to be sarcastic. Why would you be sarcastic? Why? Instead of being sarcastic, send money for er…surgical enhancements.

3. pleasing: smaller than the usual size but nicely arranged or appointed
an apartment with a cute little kitchen

I assure you that I am the opposite of being smaller than usual size. Stop dropping hints! I am joining the gym soon to work on the problem! Honestly!

4. shrewd: sharply intelligent or wily

Did you mean this? I hope you meant this! Now finally this makes some sense. Still, I don’t understand why you said that I hide it very well. Hmmmm. Are you trying to be cute?

(This blog was meant to be humorous. No squirrel was actually offended, left sleepless or in fact committed to a psychiatric ward before or during the course of producing this post. The management of this blog also hopes no commentor was similarly offended).


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