Classical Squirrel

About two weeks ago, many of you were kind enough to take part in a poll to determine your collective opinion on which music genre I needed to expose myself more to. Thank you. Your collective wisdom suggested “Rock” (40%) and “Classical” (33%).

Today, I’d like to respond to the suggestion of “classical” music, leaving a discussion on “Rock” music for another time.

I actually agree with you that I am lacking in exposure to classical music. It did not catch on with me easily as I had little interest in listening to songs in Latin or Operas in Italian which I did not understand. Plus they are rather long and sometimes quite repetitive.

However, I am not a total Philistine. Over the years, I have come to love some classical music. The very first classical piece that actually make me sit up, quieten down and listen was Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Dvorak wrote this piece taking elements that he had heard and drawing from his experiences in visiting America. I read somewhere that this peaceful and tender melody is suppose to represent the tears of Hiawatha.

My all time favorite classical piece though is Holst’s Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity from “The Planets” suite. I enjoy the entire suite but Jupiter stands out.

I offer for you presentations of the two pieces. I welcome your advice on how to widen my appreciation of the genre.

Dvorak’s New World Symphony, 2nd Movement (Part1) by the Dublin Philharmonic

Holst’s Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity

This version of Holst’s Jupiter is also worth looking at. There’s beautiful ice skating choreography set to the music.


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