Classical Hamlet and Desperate Housewives

Thank you all for the great advice on how to widen my classical music appreciation. I will definately follow up on some of the suggestions. Eastcoastdweller suggested Bach’s Air on G-string which immediately struck a chord in the jumble that is my mind. Unfortunately, this melody is for me forever associated with a series of clever ads for a cigar called Hamlet which I will now share with you through the magic of youtube. (Squirrel General’s Health warning:- Smoking is bad for you. Do not start. If you’ve started, try to stop. You are nuts to keep smoking and not “nuts” in a nice way.)
The Lone Grey Squirrel disapproves of smoking cause it is bad for you. I also disapprove of scandalous shows like the “Desperate Housewives”. I am sure it is entirely sensationalised to tittilate and seduce viewers but its portrayal of the problems of housewives is misleading and has nothing to do with reality. To balance things up, I offer the following snippets that show a more realistic presentation about the lives of housewives.

This is good advice to common problems faced by housewives.


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