Dark Whispers

Photocredit: LGS
Sometimes even when we stand fully in the sunlight, we hear the whispers made in the dark and the warmth of the sun can become as an unholy chill. This is the reason of my writing this poem. This is its source.

I look back and the path is clear,
It was never that before,
The steps I took that led me here
The heartbreak that I bore
Now floating, glimmering in the air.

The grains of time, each one had fallen,
Taking their place on this mystic chart
Casting their light as if stars in heaven,
Glowing for the giving of love and heart
Marking the sacrifices mostly forgotten.

This child, this land, this tree has grown,
Nurtured by sweat, blood and love
A price paid in youth’s tender years flown
Nothing but the best for the beloved
Its needs and dreams became our own.

Our time, our duty, our charge is at an end
We have served the portion given us
Move on and live again free, my friend
With those words they comfort us
As if a heart that is torn apart can mend.

I give you away before I am forced to,
So you may not see the tears
That our parting seems happy, not blue
No dark uncertainties, no fears
But I will always watch over you

I pray that you continue to grow in stature
And be all that you can be
That is a blessing and a light for the future
Hoping you’d remember me
Not some dark effigy painted by whispers


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