Tragic Child

Picture : New Straits Times

This post is graphic in nature. You may find its contents upsetting.

This is a multi-faceted tragedy with each facet vieing with the others for tragic prominence. The picture above shows some of the Malaysian public responses to the death of a little girl.

On Monday morning, a bookshop in Kuala Lumpur opened for business and one of the staff saw a sports bag in a small recess next to the stairwell. Thinking that it belonged to the shop’s owner, she moved the bag into the office. However, when the manager arrived, he confirmed that it was not his bag. They were shocked when they opened the bag to examine the contents.

Inside was the abused body of a young child who is believed to be about 8 years old. Police forensics would reveal that she had been dead for about 3-6 hours. This child had been assaulted and tortured with foreign objects inserted into her private parts. She would have been in immense pain as the assaliant had caused her intestines to rupture which is believed to have led to her death even though there were also strangulation marks.

This girl’s fate is tragic at so many levels. Clearly, her death had been violent, frightening and painful. The way her body was callously packed into a small sports bag and abandoned in a stairwell also shows the total lack of respect of her as a person. Even worse, if that is possible, no one has claimed her body or reported her missing. Did no one care for this child? Where are her parents? Her family? Was she homeless? Was she abandoned or was she kidnapped form far away? Could it be her parents are seeking her but unaware of her fate? Will she be buried unclaimed, unidentified and unloved?

There is a sense of sadness in many Malaysians this week as the news and information about the child unfolded. There was a close circuit camera of the shop which show a man and a woman who used the stairways prior to the discovery of the bag and they are being sought by police for questioning.

Incidents like this always lead us to ask the question “Why?”. Perhaps we may feel uncomfortable that such evil could come out from the dark side of men; that humans can be so inhumane. But whatever we feel, we must not look away. We must not forget. Most of all, we must not be silent. We must cry, we must grieve and we must rage and act against the evil.


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