I got to see F.L.O.S. last night – That’s right, FLOS. It stands for the Former Ladies of the Supremes. “Ahhh” , goes the discerning older reader. “Huh!” goes the younger readers.

For the benefit of the young ‘uns, let me start with “The Supremes”. The Supremes were an all-girl trio act that was the big hit group of the 60’s and 70’s that helped boost Motown Records to be the industry giant it is today. The original Supremes consisted of Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross. I am hoping the young readers will at least recognise Diana Ross. Well, this is how she got started.

Between 1962 (year I was born) and the final year of the group in 1977, different ladies came and went but the group kept going. In the end there were 8 ladies who can rightly claim to have been an original Supreme. These were Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell, Lynda Lawrence, Scherrie Payne and Susaye Green.

In 1985, the ladies were asked to reform the group and this led to the FLOS which consists of Scherrie Payne, Lynda Lawrence and a new addition, Freddi Poole. They have gone on to recording success of their own and still perform many of the Supreme songs on tour.

So it was these wonderful ladies that I had the privelege to watch last night in concert. Now these are sixty-something grandmothers, but they have fantastic voices and wonderful moves. They can still wow an audience and they had us dancing in the aisles (which is quite tough with a Malaysian audience). They did old hits like “Baby Love” and “Stop in the name of Love”; new hits like “Stone Love” and covers of other Motown greats like “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

Well, I had a good time swinging with these ol’ ladies which just shows that age doesn’t need to be a hindrance to living life to the full. Growing old seemed to have been a focus of several blogs of late. Enjoy the following video clip.


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