Putting Words to the Pictures

With reference to the previous post, here is the answers in words for all you bloggers to lazy to burn a few brain cells.

1. The answer is boldly written for all to see. I wonder how old you thought I was. One blogger had previously thought I was a teenager. At first I thought that it meant she thought I was youthful but then again maybe she thought I was immature. Hmmm. Incidentaly if you look at what is written on the car bonnet or hood, that is what I would like to do with my next birthday. Any ideas how to do that?

2. Actually there are a whole bunch of places I would like to go to but this just happens to be flavor of the moment. It is Dubrovnik in Croatia. A World Heritage Site. History, spectacular scenery and warm Mediterranean waters. Plus it is still slightly off the beaten path.

3. Lake Louise. I was in Canada for about 3.5 years. From my base in Ottawa, I managed to see Toronto, Quebec City, Niagara Falls, Alqonguin Park, Muskokas, Kingston, Burlington, Gatineau Park, Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff, Yoho, Lake Louise and Calgary.

4. Chili Crab or Sweet & Sour Crab. Mmmmmm. It has to be done with mangrove crabs though. The meat is sweeter and more abundant. I’ve posted on this before on my World Food Spots.

5. Nothing special here. I was born in this old missionary hospital (today it is a private hospital) in the early morning. My Chinese Zodiac sign is a Tiger. An early morning tiger is a sleepy, contented tiger (i.e. not fierce) cause I should already have eaten.

6. Place where I live…..the Petronas Twin Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world. Well, okay, I don’t actually live there. It is meant to represent the city which I live in but I live near by. Well, okay, not that near but I can still see the towers in the distance from where I live!

7. I grew up with about three dogs in the house at any one time but they were always my mother’s dog or my sister’s dog or my brother’s dog. I only ever had one dog which was my dog and it was an Alsatian mix. The name was given by my Mother and as the picture shows, it must be some exotic East European name. Losing this dog was very traumatic for me in my childhood.

8. Again I have many good friends rather than one best friend. I chose the one with the most interesting nickname. The picture show the natives of Papua New Guinea who helped ferry wounded Australian soldiers along the infamous Kokoda Trail during World War II. The Aussies gave these men a nickname. This also happens to be the name of a bear in children’s stories and is the nickname of my friend.

9. What can I say? My first name sucks.

10. It was in a water quality test laboratory on a project to develop rapid methods to be used in poor, inaccessible rural areas to detect water contamination.


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