15th Anniversary

from our first year of marriage (LGS)

(a poem by LGS to his beloved)

To think that there is someone special for each of us
Somewhere in this world, sometime in this life
Seems illogical to the mind, yet was our experience
You surely are that special one for me, dear wife.

From the beginning you intuitively knew all this,
But I was ensnared by fear of closeness and heartache
Yet your love gave me the courage to take the risk
To entrust to you my heart for to nurture or break

And now many long years have come and gone
Fifteen times the passing of the earth around the sun
Through all that time, our love’s kept growing strong
As we faced life’s challenges and problems as one

You have been for me, the eyes for my heart
Through you I have seen beauty and compassion
Witnessed love burning bright against the dark
Allowing me freedom to experience life’s passions.

You have been for me, ears that listen to my soul
My loftiest dreams, deepest thoughts and rawest feelings
You have been for me, hands that help, soothe, uphold
Hands held in prayer or clapping, cheering, encouraging.

You have been for me, the bosom to rest my head,
Warm, inviting, my source of calm and peace
My sanctuary from a world of turmoil and dread
Where love’s magic restores my heart to bliss.

You have been for me, my all in all, my everything,
And I thank God for these fifteen years as one united
For every precious moment, cherished memory and blessing
And for many more yet to come ‘til life’s journey’s ended.


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