Hieroglyphics for Dummies

Two weeks ago, I had a post on the Two Ronnies showing how to speak English, the Swedish way. In the interest of promoting better global understanding and world harmony, I am posting this sequel which helps us ordinary people to understand some of our classical languages. In this case, it is Egyptian or at least hieroglyphics.

For a long time, hieroglyphics were a mystery. No one knew what stories were locked behind those wonderful symbols. However, the French were to discover a stone that had hieroglyphics on one side and other known languages on the other sides. This allowed the hieroglyphics to be translated against the corresponding word in the other language. This stone, the Rosetta Stone, was the key to unlocking the ancient language.

Fortunately, we no longer need to spend half our lives in musty University libraries to understand hieroglyphics, thanks to the availability of materials such as that famous series, “Hieroglyphics for Dummies”. Here, the Two Ronnies present a video tutorial from the series.


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