Dreams and Re-Runs

“DreamCatcher” (unknown)

Somehow I have actually avoided posting on dreams until now. This maybe a sign that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. However, I am quite proud of my dreamscape. It is suitably weird, nutty and imaginative.

Unfortunately, like everything else in my life, I do not seem to have the latest technology to play with. So while most of the world is experiencing their dreams in High Definition Colour, I almost entirely dream in black and white or monochrome. For many years, I asked people if they dreamt in colour or were they a freak like me. I finally found a serious study that reported that 12% of the population does not dream in colour.

My dreams are almost always in black and white or occuring under low light situations like night-time so that everything is monochromatic or in shades of grey. In one very strange childhood dream (which occured long before Antz), I was a black army ant off to raid a red ant nest. Everything occurs at night and along dark tunnels in the soil and part of the problem was trying to recognise whether you had bumped into friend or foe.

I can only remember vividly one dream in colour. Again I was an ant but I was taking part in the ant Olympics and the swimming competition was held in something that strangely looked like the pool of water that appears in the corner of my garden when it rains. The swimming lane was separated by long strips of runner grass. I remember the water was a deep prussian blue and the strips of grass were a bright brown. It was spectacular.

I have several recurring dreams but one is particularly unusual in that my elder brother (14 years older) also has this same dream recurring. My childhood home is completely surrounded by a garden with large trees. At night, it can be very dark outside with very little external light penetrating the tree foliage. There is one room (my brother’s actually) that had the peculiar design in which there were two set of windows that were right angle to each other, just a couple feet from a corner of the room.

The dream will start with the TV or radio announcing that tigers and leopards have escaped from the zoo. I will then rush around closing the doors and windows of the house. As I do this, I can hear the breathing of the large cats outside in the darkness. The hair on the back of my neck will stand on end. But as I rush into this final room and reach to close the windows, it is too late. The powerful dark form of a leopard or a panther will brush me aside and land in the room. I would scream like a little girl and then, inexplicably the animal will jump out the other window. As I step back and watch, big cat after big cat will jump into the room through one window and then with a growl, jump back out the other window.

Any theories, o budding psychologists?

I do have nightmares from time to time and they can be quite scary. But I have one recurring nightmare and again it involves panthers. In my dream, I am walking in a small group with my cousins along an actual road in my hometown. Suddenly all the traffic and pedestrians, everything except us, disappears. It also becomes dark as if it was the deepest night. All is dark except for a circle of light of about 20 feet diameter. This circle of light seems to be centred on the group; when we move, it moves along. When one of my dream cousins (read “dispendable”) ventures too close to the edge of the light, a dark figure or a panther will reach in and snatch him/her into the darkness. There is a great amount of fear in the group. We can sense the creatures out in the dark circling us, occasionally catching a glimpse of their eyes in the darkness. In the nightmare, we know we have to travel some two kilometers to the safety of my house but as we do so we notice the circle of light get smaller as we move along. Will we make it? I never remember how it ends.

4. Favorite Dream
In my favorite recurring dream, I am in a magical fantasy world of broad grasslands with large variety of wildflowers, crossed by sparkling brooks and streams and scattered forest groves. In this world, I have wings. I don’t really fly but I can soar and I can glide. I would use my legs to push off against the soft ground and that will enable me to glide over the earth for a minute or so before I touch the ground again. Push. Glide. Push. Glide. In this way I can travel effortlessly over the land and I feel exhilarated. My favorite dream. I always feel good when I wake up.

Dream analysts? What’s your verdict?


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