300th Post

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It’s hard to believe but this is the 300th post for this nutty blog. It has been a fascinating one year and seven month journey to get here consisting of a couple of hundred of sleepless nights, being late for work a few hundred occasions, hundreds of mid-night snacks and hot drinks and numerous groggy mornings.

What is this Blog about? I had no real idea what direction this blog would take once it got going. The original premise was “to interpret the world through the observation of squirrels”. And what did that mean? One visitor commented, “I thought it was going to be totally about some kook and his squirrel obsession or I would have visited earlier.” As it turned out, after 300 posts, my blog was mostly about people I have met (20%) but close on it’s heels is a slew of other topics, so it is fence sitting even in this aspect. Humor was an important component but squirrels surprisingly only 8% of the time. I would have thought that squirrels and food would have had a higher number of posts.

What the Blog has been about:
1. People (20%)
2. Humor (19%)
3. Malaysia (13%)
4. Videos (12%)
5. Animals (11%)
6. Reflections (11%)
7. Music (10%)
8. Celebrations (9%)
9. Environment (9%)
10. Travel (9%)
11. Christian Faith (8%)
12. Squirrels (8%)
13. Food (8%).

Why do people visit this blog? Well, I guess only you can answer that with any certainty but these days, I get about 100 visitors daily and as I post this, there would have been in total, 26,353 visitors to this blog. I am grateful for all my visitors but especially my regular visitors who are part of the 27 daily visitors who come by to check on me and read my latest offerings. Thank you very much. You are of course what has made this experience worth while. I enjoy our interaction and your comments ever so much.

Most visited pages daily:
1. The Current Main Page (27%)
2. Dungeons and Dragons Part I (23%)
3. Singapore Girl in Blue (8%)
4. What the World Needs Now…….(Addendum) (4%)
5. The All-Blacks are Winning and the Sun is Shining (3%)
6. Animals Speak of the Human Condition (3%)

I would very much like to say that the other 73 visitors came to one of my 300 posts in search of insightful articles, information from well researched articles or to enjoy my cultural efforts including my poems. Unfortunately, these visitors main aim is to purloin some pictures. The most popular photos by far are the following;

Why this? Perhaps the Male Fantasy Factor?

Perhaps a classier side of the Male Fantasy Factor?

This is a nice photo but it’s Gillespies Beach that is the attraction.

Ladislav Kamarad (Gillespies Beach)

The Haka : Perhaps the Female Fantasy Factor?

Obviously the cuteness factor

Which have been Favorite Posts? It is impossible for me to choose. There are some real stinkers but I could not choose my favorites. However, the posts that garnered the most responses from you the readers are listed below. The top three really received a lot of comments. The first was about my spiritual journey from Buddhism to Christianity. The second marked the passing of my father last October (thanks for being so supportive). The third was a post about bears and huskies. The others included a notice that I would be away for a week, a notice that I was not well, a meme (that was a good meme), a folk tale retold, a post stolen from somewhere else, some original writing and I am so glad one of my travel posts also made the top 10.

Most Commented Posts:-
1. Born Buddhist
2. Half Post, Half Mast, Full Life
3. Bears Just Wanna Have Fun
4. One Week
5. Hippie Sick
6. Tag 5
7. Have Gourd Will Travel
8. DAM is a Three Lettered Word
9. Field Report on Manglish
10. Secret Squirrel Spot No: 6 (Canals of England and Wales)

Thanks for coming by and for your interest in the weird and wonderful wanderings of my mind as it finds its way on to this blog. I have made many good friends here and miss those few who have stopped posting regularly. I am surprised to have made it thus far without running out of things to say but will carry on as long as that does not happen. Peace.


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