Celebrating Natalie…..a Squirrel’s Tribute

Some of you may be aware that I am a sometime contributor on the blog “For The Love of Woman”. This blog was set up by Eastcoastdweller and is meant to celebrate women.

Sometime back on that blog, Kat very kindly posted a slideshow tribute to Natalie Wood because she knew I am a big fan of Natalie. It all started because I had made a comment about Natalie Wood that “She seems to embody the elemental beauty, strength, energy and at the same time vulnerability of women.”

That slideshow tribute was set to Frankie Avalon’s Venus as the background melody. That was a very nice gesture and I really appreciated it. In fact, after watching it for the umpteenth time, it occurred to me to look at what other offerings might be found on YouTube.

I found these three additional offerings which appealed to me as a fan as they showed the beauty, range and versatility of Natalie Wood. The first one is set to the tune of “Time” by the Alan Parson’s Project which seemed like a wonderfully appropriate music for the tribute.


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