Monday Blues

Arrrgggggh! Where did the weekend go? Let’s see. Had a work related dinner on Friday night. Had to wake up early on Saturday and attended a World Environment Day work related event until 4.30 pm. That was fun involving senior executives of a large multi national company chaperoning children from a home of abandoned or abused children as they went on a nature treasure hunt in the jungle. Still, it was tiring. Saturday evening was spent preparing for church as I was scheduled to lead part of the worship the next day.

Sunday started early again as I prepared for the worship service with our church’s team of young musicians. Church service was from 9 to 11.30 am. Church is always a refreshing time of meeting with God but this week it was a bit more stressful since I had to prepare for the worship and song-lead. Went to my office to sort out some work. Went out for lunch with my niece and her husband. Went shopping for groceries. Slept until dinner and now I am blogging.

It’s been a busy and tiring weekend which I had very little time for myself. And now, Monday is just minutes away and it will be a very busy week. Hmmmm. Got the Monday Blues….big time.

I wish I had more solitude time this weekend.

Wish I was here………..where everybody knows my name and the drop of amber gold hits the spot.

Or perhaps here ………. where I can feel the refreshingly cool water on a warm day. A balm for body and soul.


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