Before and After Magic

I know that my recent posts have been on the dark side so I thought I would step back into the sunshine with this one.

I once had a discussion with a friend about going into a partnership to set up a gym for those who want to lose weight. This business venture did not go very far. In fact it kind of broke down when we realised that we were both overweight ourselves and would be poor publicity for such a business. Someone did suggest that we could pose for the “before” photo but we would have to hire some skinny look-a-likes for the “after” photos but we lost enthusiasm for the project.

Anyway, here are some equally improbable before and after photos for your incredulous enjoyment.

“Way to go, girl!”
“I feel like a new man!”

“Is that what happened to Michael Jackson?”

“After many dental appointments and many,many, many years later……”
“Whoa! Dem things look like gills!”

“Your results may vary”

I hope you have enjoyed the magic!

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