Incomprehensible Gaza

A few days ago, my wife and I was enjoying our year end holidays. We woke up to a beautiful morning, totally relaxed. As we lazed about and had breakfast, we watched some TV news. The big news was the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza.

As we watched, we saw videos of the nervous Israeli troops as they wait impatiently at the border before they crossed into Gaza. We listened to the Israeli spokesperson explain so logically why Israel had to go in to stop the Hamas from firing rockets at her citizens. In between mouthfuls of cold cereal, we were next shown some early photos of the human casualties in Gaza.

What a contrast! Even as we were enjoying our Sunday morning in safety and peace, we felt for the people of Gaza. I could imagine how different that Sunday was for them. Instead of lazing around, I imagine so many families were cowering in fear. I could imagine parents virtually crushed under the weight of worry and fear as they wonder what they could do to protect their children. I tried to understand what it would feel like to face the threat of an invading army with no place to run.

I can understand why the Palestinians are so desperate and why they might support an extremist group like Hamas. What is there left to resort to if all you have known is injustice, humiliation and hopelessness for your family?

I don’t agree with Hamas’ terrorism, extremism and hatred. Yet, I can understand why many do.

I can understand why Israel feels righteous in taking action against Hamas to protect her citizens.

But children are dying. Good, innocent people are dying. Is this what Hamas wants for its people? What are they fighting for if not for their people? Then, how can they maintain their futile arrogant stance when it costs their people so much? Do Israelis really believe their children have more rights to live compared to Palestinian children?

Children are being killed, being allowed to be killed and the world is not taking any steps to stop the slaughter. This I cannot ccomprehend.

Let not the sins of the fathers be suffered upon the children.


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