Shedding Fur

Hi there,

I have been busy making a mess of my blog. I have had this same blog design and template since I started blogging over two years ago and like a squirrel shedding its winter fur, I thought it would be nice to have a new look.

You would think that Blogger would have come out with some nice eye-candy templates to supplement their original 16 but ….oh no, they have not. Don’t they understand that the world is in need of constantly changing visual stimuli. Just look at all those “skin” covers they have for handphones these days. Blogger should get the hint.

Anyway, I am sure many of you out there are wizards at HTML and such. For you creating your own Blog template is probably a breeze. I however belong to a generation that still remembers a time when computers used punch cards (that was just after the age of the dinosaurs). As such I am desperately inept at all things HTML.

So instead, I spend a great deal of my weekend scouring the internet for a solution and I find a very good site called BTemplates. It has all these templates created by HTML literate show-offs who decided to throw some crumbs to the HTML-challenged. Okay, okay, I must admit I was grateful for these handouts. So thank you all you HTML geeks.

At last, I picked out a few templates which I thought would be suitable and proceeded to try to dress this blog in new clothes, so to speak. I thought I would be dazzling you with my new livery but instead, I ran into a host of troubles.

First one I tried had all the titles and labels in some obscure language. Next I found a nice one but I could not edit it in any way nor could I make a new post as those buttons were missing. Then I tried another but it had only a small fixed space for the titles of the post and many of my long-winded titles of the post just did not fit. My final attempt also looked very pretty but it wiped out all my widgets, blogroll and even my profile.

Hence I spent the rest of my weekend trying to recover my original template and widgets. What a waste of time it has been! I have decided that the only way that I will get a nice new snazzy blog template is for one of you kind HTML wizards to help me. Any applicants for the job?

In the meantime, here were some of my too good to be true templates. These could have been the new look for the Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel….instead of this current coat of paint. Which one would you have liked?





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