Something about that name

Pure and holy Son of God
Taking on the form of man
Left the glory of His throne
Came to bring salvation plan

Righteous Father, Holy One
Looking down on us in love
Gave to us His only Son
Sent with blessings from above

But we took Him and we nail Him
To a cross made of wood
And we raised it high and dropped it
In the ground where it stood
And the blood that flowed to the earth below
Bought forgiveness for the world
That had treated Him so

Peace on earth, good will to men
At His birth the angels sang
Love and mercy from the throne
Through the earth His message rang

He came in love to bring us light in our darkness
He came in peace to bring release from our pain
He came in joy to bring us rest in our weariness
He came in love to bring us beauty again

(by Jimmy Owens)

Easter almost crept up on me this year. I have been busy at work and hadn’t paid attention to the date coming closer. Probably the two most important Christian celebrations are Christmas and Easter. The world in general have made Christmas a big and unfortunately commercialized event but Easter is mostly ignored (although I hear that Americans might hide chocolate eggs in the garden and invoke the Easter Bunny).

Christmas celebrates the birth of a baby, Jesus. Easter remembers the completion of that life and his life’s mission which was to die for the sins of all men and to defeat death by rising from the dead after three days. The symbol of Jesus love and suffering would be the cross and the vision of his victory over death would be the empty tomb.

If you know all about Christmas but know little about Easter, I hope you will take the opportunity to go to an Easter service, concert or play and learn more about the ending of the story that began with Christmas. But it is an ending that is really about a new beginning.

I have posted two old favorites of mine from the 1970’s. The first song is about the crucifixion of Jesus and the second which is on youtube is about what Jesus wants to do for all of us. Have a blessed Easter.


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