When Men Were Real Men

Do you remember a time when men were real men? Not “soft and sensitive” new age guys or “in touch with their feminine side” metro-sexuals? It was a time when men bravely took charge of the family and led it with a firm and sure hand. A time when they went out into the harsh world and brought back the bacon. A time when they knew how to take care of their women. Today, many men could do with role models on how to be real men in their marraiges……. real men to their wives.

The Lone Grey Squirrel has resorted to scouring the internet and theft (in the tradition of Sneaky) to bring you the best examples of the strong, caring and take charge husband. Please vote for your favorite for the “Husband of the Year” award. (see poll on the sidebar; results will be tabulated after a week).

Here are your “Husband of the Year” Nominees from…….






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