Menu for Illusion Only

It’s Friday night. To celebrate, my wife and I went to have dinner at a Hong Kong style Restaurant which we had not been to for awhile. After struggling through the heavy Friday evening traffic, it felt wonderful to be seated at the table, sipping Chinese tea and looking at the large menu.

And then, I found my self staring at the menu. Staring, staring and then laughing. The menu was mostly in Chinese but they were also considerate enough to include an English translation and there is where the fun started. Here are some of the gems:-

“The pictures are only for illusion only.”

“The food comes complete with ingredients”

“Like hero and beautiful woman,
good food goes with good wine.
We recommend our corn no saur wine.”
“Try our fresh lazy river fish.”

In honor of such literary brilliance, I offer the following other jewels for your reading pleasure.

I know Chinese have a reputation of eating anything but cowboys and germs……..really?
And here’s a bonus picture. When you don’t know what it is called, just stick with what you know.


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