One More Click

It is now 6.30 pm local time in the Realm. The work whistle has blown and all work has stopped in the nut mines. I am packing up and will soon be dragging my weary body out for my short commute to my home.

I have clearly stopped working and it is on my own time that I am putting up this post. I just wanted it to be crystal clear that I am not doing this during working hours cause ……….that would be…….wrong.

I am sure that all you dear readers know better than to read blogs, post comments and surf the internet while still at work. If not, may I present this sad tale of my friend Mr. Woof “Pup” Barker who was until recently, still employed.

With many thanks to Eclectech, the creators and managers of the famous squirrel band, “The Nutz“.


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