Bizarre Foods

What has been the most bizarre thing that you have ever eaten? I am not terribly adventurous. I do like trying new foods and cooking styles but I do not stray far from common farm animals. I am a bit of a disgrace cause Chinese have a reputation of eating anything with legs except tables and chairs. Heck, Chinese even eat things with no legs whatsoever.

How do we know that Adam and Eve was not Chinese? Cause if they were Chinese, they would have eaten the serpent and not the apple. Haha. A little theologically inaccurate joke.

Asia is famous for its variety of fried insects, monkey brains, dog meat, snake hearts, sharks’ fin, bear’s paws etc. I am sure you know what I mean. If you don’t, then you should watch the TV program “Bizarre Foods” and follow host Andrew Zimmern as he eats the most bizarre, frequently foul and often stomach churning food items from around the world.

As I said, I am quite wimpy about bizarre foods. However, I have eaten raw rat liver (accidentally), fish stomachs with herbs (perut ikan), bison meat and bird’s nest soup (which is actually made from swallow’s saliva), just to name a few. As a Malaysian, I am proud to have eaten the famously odious smelling king of fruits…….the durian, which interestingly is one of the very few foods that Andrew Zimmern will not eat.

Every now and then, some smart ass will come by and leave a comment on this blog about how squirrel is on the menu in some parts of the world. Mark, you know who you are! Sadly though, it is true. In a recent episode, I watched Andrew Zimmern explore the Appalachians, USA, and hungrily consume squirrel brains. Now that, to me, is so bizarre. How can anyone eat something so cute?


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