Still Monitoring the Airwaves

Dear friends, readers and wandering visitors,

You may or may not have been wondering where the squirrel has been for most of the last month. Either way, the answer to my disappearance can be summed up in one foul four-letter word; “WORK”.

Even so, in whatever small slivers of time that I could scrounge, I have kept monitoring your various blogs. I was able to do this by applying the latest available satellite dish technology available to the squirrel kingdom (as seen below). This special program is called S.E.T.I. or Squirrels Eavesdropping on The Internet.

Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel’s SETI program

Well, here are a list of excuses for not posting that have been cleared by my PR team.

  1. I was overworked and have been working almost every day for the last month.
  2. I was overworked and I have been working some 16 hour days for most of the month.
  3. I was overworked and I was also traveling to places with no internet access.
  4. I was overworked and I preferred to use my spare time to eat, sleep and use the toilet.
  5. I was overworked and declared mentally unstable (“disturbed” was the term used by the doctor) and it is hard to type on the laptop while tied up in a straitjacket.
  6. I was overworked and I fell asleep on my laptop and drooled into my key board and shorted it out.
  7. I was overworked and so tired that it was difficult to type on the laptop as all the letters on the keyboard began to look like alien hieroglyphics.
  8. I was overworked and drank so much coffee to stay awake that I had coffee rings round my eyes which somehow made it hard for me to read the computer screen.
  9. I was overworked and distracted by all the tiny fairies and goblins that I was seeing all over the place.
  10. I was overworked and my mind was too confused to0 come up with good excuses for not posting earlier.

However, as I have said, my lack of posting does not mean that I have not been monitoring the blogosphere and keeping in touch with the latest in weird news from around the world. To prove this, I offer the following as a remark on two rather sad and strange recent incidents.

Well, fairly recent incidents. C’mon, give this overworked squirrel a break.


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