Hot, Sweaty Men

There are three posts in one.

Post No:1 Sensational Blogging

The Lone Grey Squirrel has succumbed to blatant sensationalism to attract more readers by pandering to the blogging demographics (overwhelmingly women) and has basically resorted to give them what they want………….HOT, SWEATY MEN.

It is a pity that cute, furry squirrels have not proved to be sufficient.

Anyway, all these pictures and the short video at the end were taken by the Lone Grey Squirrel for your viewing pleasure, ladies. The are all about a performance during an Earth Hour Event at a mall last Saturday night.

Post No: 2 Sensational Nature Documentaries

There were about 300 people gathered at this shopping mall open air atrium to observe Earth Hour. I am sure most of you know about Earth Hour but in case you don’t , this event encourages people and cities around the world to switch off the lights for one hour. Switching off the lights for one hour barely makes a dent in our annual consumption of energy but the idea is to just raise awareness about the problem of climate change and our need to reduce our personal impact on the environment including our energy consumption. If those 300 people at the mall then just change their lifestyles to stop wasting energy and manage to reduce their energy consumption by even 10%, then that is what will make the difference that counts.

However, my thoughts drifted to the fact that the organisers had to organise a didgeridoo player, two clowns, one fire-eater, a whole troupe of hot sweaty men, a drum act, a band, two Malaysian celebrity singers and a choir from a children’s home to get people to come for the event. They were all great but if we didn’t have any of that, would the people have come just to sit in the darkness for one hour?

So regrettably, I note that people today need to be given eye and ear candy. It is not good enough just to support a good cause. The cause needs to also be entertaining.

I notice it is even true of once astute institutions like National Geographic or Discovery Channel. I grew up with nature and wildlife documentaries that introduced their viewers to the beauty of nature and animals while teaching a good respect for all things wild and promoting the common sense of keeping one’s distance for the mutual benefit of wildlife and human viewer. Today, it is different. There seems to be a proliferation of documentaries that take great pride on how close the presenter can get to a snake or a crocodile without getting bitten.

In one recent documentary, the presenter takes a walk in a coastal forest at night and tells the viewers that the forest is a particularly dangerous place to be at night and that you would be foolish to come there at night………….and there he is walking there at night.

I did have a chance to talk to a film producer about this once and he said that the reality is that today, channels like Discovery, see their rivals as channels like HBO. In other words, documentaries are about entertainment first and education a distant second.

This is sad. We really have to draw the line somewhere and in my opinion, documentaries must first be about education.

Post No: 3 Sensational World
If you have made it down to this final post past all the sensational hot sweaty men, thank you. I have only one thing to say, “We do have a sensational world, let’s keep it that way. Let us change our wasteful and selfish ways for Mother Earth.”


15 thoughts on “Hot, Sweaty Men”

  1. I find a hot, panting squirrel, draped over a branch to be most appealing…You really notice the change in attention span when you watch an older programme on tv. It is much slower paced.

  2. My daughter is reading Grapes of Wrath for school, which was one of my favourite books back when I was her age. She's been moaning and complaining all the way through it – calling it boring and saying that nothing happens. I guess if there isn't a lot of graphic blood and gore and sparkling vampires, it's not exciting enough anymore

  3. I have to say…it sort of grossed me out when you, a man, titled your post "hot, sweaty men". ๐Ÿ™‚ some of these comments so far have cracked me…especially VioletSky

  4. Catching up here after a few days away. I so totally agree with your post #3!And love the pic of the ground squirrel in the pic of the previous post. Blessings!

  5. oh my! I have a friend who does this at a local amusement park. He used to work with us but took a summer job last year and I have not heard from the man. Last trick he did was to put a nine inch nail up his nose in the adult day care I work at. OH man. I pray for that guy.Hot sweaty men are kinda gwoss though the skill here is amazing and somewhat hairy raising/ singing…singe. I loved that poem you posted with the pic. Beautiful.

  6. I have to admit, that I forgot about that, but now I am thinking of doing a weekly hour OFF. I have to admit that it will not continue into the summer here, though. That's just WAY too hot. Kinda like those fire dancers.

  7. Molly,I remember the old BBC wildlife documentary called "Survival" which documents the trails of survival of wildlife. More recently there is a program "Survivor Man" in which the presenter puts himself in difficult situations and tries to survive nature for one week.Helena,Hi there. Thank you for visiting this humble blog and for the kind words. I don't have any dancing squirrels but I do have a post sometime back about a punk squirrel band.

  8. XUP,Won't it be fun to modernise the Grapes of Wrath and put in teen vampires and voluptuous maidens. The latter would be particularly hard to find during the Depression.cabcree,Sorry to have grossed you out. From now on, only nude squirrels.

  9. geewits,My applause to you for thinking of doing a weekly Earth hour and more applause for being the only one so far with the guts to admit to liking the hot sweaty men. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. That post title is going to get you some google hits.I somehow missed earth day completely. I hate that. And did you know the Discovery channel now has a show hosted by Sarah Palin? It sickens me.

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