Life Hiatus

Dear friends of the Realm,

Recent developments has made it hard for the plans for world conquest and regular blogging to proceed as planned. Suffice to say that my life is in the process of a major reconstruction. I regret that I shall have to take a hiatus of about a month to facilitate these life changes.

Until then, I shall try to visit your wonderful blogs.

Your friendly Rodent tyrant,


22 thoughts on “Life Hiatus”

  1. Gonna miss you. I love your sense of humor. (Tho i have to be honest, after watching the squirrels around our house, having a squirrel to run the world concerns me. LOL)Take care. Hope all things work well for you. 🙂

  2. We'll miss you but hope the reconstruction goes well so you can get back to world domination plans as soon as possible!

  3. Well, whatever changes are in course, and wherever they lead you, I'm sure you buried plenty of nuts to nibble in various stockpiles along the route so you shant want for nourishment…Good luck and come back soon from your romp in the treetops…

  4. I hope its positive change, and I hope the realm will be opened again in June. I would very much like to see you around in the meantime. Take care.

  5. I know where you are, you cheeky little squirrel. I saw you on my terrace last night, digging out the peanuts you had buried in my planter boxes, before I could find them and throw them away. Well, it's too late. Those planter boxes have geraniums in them now. 🙂

  6. Mr. LGS you put a smile on my face even when you go on hiatus! I pray all the massive changes going on will bring you peace and joy.I will patiently await the unveiling of your grand return. Blessings to you and your loved ones!

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