My Life as a Bum ……….So Far - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster  and more About 15 days ago, I left my job of 15 years to start my life as a bum.  I commemorated the occasion by shifting my posts from blogger and starting this blog on WordPress with “First Day of the Rest of My Life“.   In the post, I said that I wanted to focus on certain things.  I thought I should do a report card on my progress so far as a bum.

1 Actually Leave Work F-
For various reasons, I have been back to help at the office on 7 days out of 15 work days.  Plus I attended three farewell dinners with various colleagues.  It’s not a good way to leave work behind.
2. Relaxing on a beach F-
Again no squirrel footprints in the sand and no squirrel paws soaking in the sea yet.
3. Getting Healthy C+
Yay! I actually made it to the gym on two of the three days I had planned.  Had a good time.  On each occasion I ran for 3 km on the treadmills and 5 km on the rowing machine.  I thought that was fairly good until I read that Le Night Owl walks 5 km a day to work.  Ah, well.  One day……maybe.
4. Art C-
I said that I would get creative.  By that I meant doing some writing and poetry.  I   wrote about art on this blog but unfortunately the only creative writing has been on this blog.
5. Volunteer Work F-
Also no progress here. Bummer.
6. Family B+
I said that I would spend more time with family and I think this is one area that has shown much improvement and I am happy with the progress.
7. Home Improvements B+
Leaving the office has meant more time at home.  As I twiddle my thumbs there, I started to wonder how long the kettle had been leaking or whether it is normal for the ceiling fan to make a loud irritating hum while shooting out sparks.  Suffice to say, I am finally getting down to home repairs and improvements which my wife has put into the chores jar sometime in the last century.
8. Looking like a bum A++
Sadly, this is one area that I have a natural ability and capacity for.  Shaving and grooming has been successfully ignored and this squirrel is growing whiskers.  (see photo below)
Happily Bummin'

20 thoughts on “My Life as a Bum ……….So Far”

  1. You don’t climb a mountain when you first learn to walk or run a marathon.
    Your body is wired after 15 years to go to work-it takes time to rewire.
    Don’t judge yourself too hard. “BUM OUT” slowly.

  2. 🙂

    Enjoy, embrace “bumhood.” (That’s not like “monkhood” is it?) LOL

    Pray that you can settle into your new life & be at peace, ready to make the transition to your next step.

  3. Hey! I didn’t know you were back! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the Canada Day wishes! Will be looking for you now.

  4. woohoo! an A++ for looking like a bum. 🙂 and I bet your wife is excited about those home improvements being done. I’m sure the transition is hard to go from one extreme to another.

  5. Home improvement?
    After all from these two weeks you were working seven days … effectively you are only one week at home, so its not bad!

  6. Well, this post certainly came as a “bumshell” to me 🙂
    I only hopped back on the blog train a few days ago, and did notice then your migrating from Blogger to WordPress (incidentally, I opened an account on WordPress to try it out but gave up on it, at least for the time being… somehow, the bells and whistles don’t agree with me).
    I now have read your previous post and can totally relate to it.
    Now my wee piece of advice (if I may): forget about the gym, instead walk every time you need to go anywhere within (reasonable) walking distance… practice makes perfect 🙂

  7. Joyce,
    Bum out slowly? Good advice. In the weeks leading up to B-day (bum-day), I couldn’t stop thinking about all the bum things that I wanted to do. But after B-day, I find myself still thinking about work. Sad, ain’t it.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Bumhood and Monkhood similar? I think neither the bona fide beach bums nor the real monks will appreciate the comparison. Haha.

  8. lorac,
    Yes, you’ve been quiet for awhile yourself. Look forward to more cross visiting. Have a good long weekend.

    I suspect after really getting out of the lingering clutches of work,”home improvement” is going to stand in my way of bummin’ on a beach.

    Well, not so much improvements as much needed and long neglected repairs. For instance, I just found termites. O boy.

  9. Lenightowl,
    There’s pros and cons with both blogger and wordpress. I used to enjoy all the widgets in blogger as wordpress is limited but I like the wordpress templates. Changing templates on blogger was quite a chore. As for walking around, Kuala Lumpur is not pedestrian friendly. There is probably not more than 100 m of uninterrupted pedestrian sidewalk in most of the city and it is very hot. Which makes me hot, sweaty and stinky. When I go into the jungle (which is fairly rare these days) I do walk up to 10 km cause it is fun, safe and shady although very humid.

  10. I certainly understand the limitations, and therefore, the lack of motivation, for outside walking 😦
    I forgot to mention my walking to work is done on a pleasant countryside road, which is of course entirely different!
    Oh well, I guess the gym can make an adequate substitute 🙂

  11. Good to see you got one grade at A level, and for the one thing requiring absolutely no effort ! Poetic justice, that is…

  12. Take it easy and relax. You deserved it, Dr Loh. (This is Eileen here).

    From your report card, you did fairly well especially on home improvements and family. Well done =D

  13. Mago,
    I am afraid total chemical warfare is the only option. Since the war is in my study room, I am an unfortunate victim of collateral damage.

    Ah, always the optimist! Yes, I did get ONE thing off the list. 🙂

  14. Owen,
    I have to thank my inherent bumness for my success in that one area.

    Thanks for delurking and also for the encouragement. I now know at least one of your blogs. 🙂

  15. haha.. yup. Lately i found another new feature about blogspot. will share with you when i see you =) (I asked my brother about the Macbook Pro, will come back to you once he get the info from his friend. *crossing my fingers * )

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