It’s Time!

Yes, it’s time.  In fact, it is almost past time.  Time is running out.  After more than a month, the 32 hopeful national football teams that came to win the World Cup trophy in South Africa has been reduced to just two …….Netherlands and Spain.  The final is this weekend and then the wild vuvuzela infused carnival will be over.

And by then, it would be too late for ……….


The Lone Grey Squirrel may not have been fortunate enough to be one of the hundreds of thousand fans splurging a small fortune to experience the football matches live in South Africa but the squirrel was one of just only a few thousand who got to get close to the World Cup trophy and ……got his picture taken with it!

Lone Grey Squirrel and Accomplice Casing the Trophy

We came so close to getting our grubby paws on it.  Just think.  If we had succeeded in swiping it, we would have had the cup and those teams would be playing for nothing!  Mwahahaha.

Sadly though we were foiled and wrestled to the ground by several burly plainclothes security thugs with no sense of humor.  Anyway, Netherlands or Spain, when you finally get to touch the trophy, carefully examine the base of the trophy and you should see the scratches from where they pried my claws off it.

Finally, no excuse is ever needed for me to put up a Shakira video on my blog but as it happens, it is World Cup related.


19 thoughts on “It’s Time!”

  1. Maybe its my age, but I didn’t watch any of the games. The constant noise kept me away. Loved the music though and soccer did help Africa. Since when do “Bums” wear shirt and tie?

  2. Joyce,
    Wow, that was quick. I just posted and then your comment came in. Well, they won’t let any “bum” come close to their beloved trophy, you know. Only well dressed bums. Actually, it was taken in my pre-“bum” days.

  3. But where is the squirrel in the photo ??? The most eminent of grey squirrels ??? All I see are the security thugs !

    Or is one of those humanoid forms actually an avatar of the squirrel Himself who could not allow His true image to be reproduced on the internet ?

    I’ve seen some references to this World Cup thing in the press of late, but am still trying to figure out what it is, and whether it has any significant meaning in the larger scale of life, the universe, and everything ? Or was it just a distraction so that millions would not get depressed about the oil flooding the Gulf of Mexico and the disappearing rhinoceri… which reminds me… very nice new header photo, although I would have thought that squirrels would be rather terrified of rhinoceroses (pl. ?)

    Cheers !

    (and you didn’t say who you will be rooting for ( or is “nutting for” more appropriate in squirrel terms?) on Sunday ? I’m still trying to figure out if France even sent a team this year ???
    :- )

  4. Owen,
    When one plans to steal the World Cup, one goes in disguise. They (the security and Interpol) look out for the squirrel but they do not recognise the squirrel under the e disguise. Mwahahaha.

    As for the header photo, thanks. I am trying to change the header and backgrounds to suit the post material. Since this post is about the World Cup in South Africa, I chose a photo of a rhino that I took a few years back. I posted about it before here

    For the finals, I actually like Netherlands but my wife placed so money on Spain, so I am torn between following my heart or cheering for my wallet (assuming she will share the spoils). As for France, I am sorry to remind you that the French team was dispatched much earlier in disgrace.

    Do you like it? I took the photo of the Rhino in South Africa about 8 years ago. I posted about it before as I mentioned in my reply to Owen above. I am just trying to have a header and background that is somewhat related to the latest post.

  5. cabcree,
    Thank you for encouraging me in my gloating. From now on I shall be known as one of several thousands who had his photo taken with the World Cup. I hope the paparazzi will respect my privacy.

  6. Ha! You always say you are close to my age, yet you look a good 17 years younger than me. If you really are close to my age you should get a trophy just for looking so much younger.

  7. Congratulations that you came close to the … well, thing. It looks a bit peculiar to me, I thought it would actually resemble or be a cup, pot, jar, vessel … would be worth a post to collect the different “cups” of the world, world cups, and how they look.

  8. Go Spain… I reckon since they beat Germany, we don’t want to have been beaten by losers, right? So, go Spain! (PS: Are you holding hands with that lady with the mustache?)

  9. geewits,
    Thanks for the kind words. It has made me grin and I look silly when I grin. But I assure you that I did not lie about my age. Nor about my weight. I just happen to be standing next to a *ahem* similarly sized friend. 🙂

    That is an interesting idea for a post. Are you doing it? The world cup trophy doesn’t look like much actually.

    My wife bet on Spain so I too have a vested interest in them. By the way, don’t tell my wife about the lady with the mustache, okay?

  10. I collected some pictures last night, and I will write about it. Feel free to do the same if and when you like – you already saw the thing in real life! 🙂

  11. Hi LGS! Nice new site. I like the picture! What are you looking that there? I suppose that’s the guard next to the trophy? Claw marks withstanding, you sound like a good sport. I watched the games but was somewhat distracted by the constant buzzing of the horns. Why do they do that!?
    Have a nice cool day!


  12. Like the new digs LGS! I’ve thought a few times of switching over to wordpress – do you enjoy it much more than blogger?

    Well and Spain did win – in overtime no less 🙂

  13. Mago,
    I look forward to your post. It now seems the World Cup trophy has a new home in Spain.

    Hi Gina,
    Thanks for coming by to my new digs. I wonder if football will now take off in popularity in USA because of the TV coverage of the World Cup. But I think we can all agree that they have to get rid of those vuvuzelas.

    Welcome. I am glad to see you posting again. I hope you are well. I got the impression that you are now in Calgary somewhere. Is that right?
    I am enjoying WordPress. I find it better organised, gives me info that I like and especially I like their templates for variety and the ease of changing from one to another. However, the free version is limited in the bells and whistles category of widgets when compared to blogger.

  14. Yes I’m living in my dad’s house on a farm about 15 miles south of Calgary. The house required a lot of renovating and hopefully will soon be finished as I’m quickly running out of steam LOL.

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