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I was recently with a group of colleagues; all of them somewhat younger than myself.  I believe they are what are known as Gen Y.  Other alternate names include  Generation Next, Millennial Generation or even Generation Net.  These include babies born around the mid- 1970’s until the early 2000’s.  It was in relation to Generation Net’s growing up with the internet that I was talking to them about.

I was reminding them that the things that they take for granted today had not even been conceptualized in the not too distant days of my youth.  There was no laptops, facebook, twitter, blogs, handphones etc.  I really lost them when I told them that we used to encode computer data by punching holes in cards (for all you young ‘uns, google it as  “computer punched cards”).  Oh yes,  we did not even have google in those days!

It brought to my memory, that as a young boy in those pre-blogging days, I was already interested in reaching out to others in the world.  the answer at that time was ham radio.  Ham radio really refers to a network of amateur radio operators whose hobby was to talk to similar hams from all around the world riding on the magic of radiowaves.  Apart from chatting, they often provided important services to the community and many times provided support during emergency and disaster responses.  Even today, it is estimated that there are 2 million ham radio operators out there (as compared with 126 million blogs as tracked by BlogPulse).

Ham radio just requires three things;

The Latest, Coolest Radio Set
The Tallest Possible Antennae
And finally, the Ham!

I could never afford it but I was really attracted  to the whole idea of scanning the frequencies and meeting new people from around the world; not strangers but fellow members of the family of hams.  In my dreams, I often imagined reaching out and touching a lonely lighthouse keeper in the Outer Hebrides or a snow bound hunter in his isolated shack in the Canadian wilds.  Perhaps, they would share wisdom grown from hours of lonely solitude or we could play a game of chess.

So, I guess it isn’t all that surprising that I have taken to blogging because I still have a desire to meet new people from around the world.  In line with that sentiment, may I ask each of you, dear readers, to help me with this quest.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to introduce me to one or two bloggers that you think I might like to meet and to follow their blogs.

Many, many thanks.

19 thoughts on “Ham On Air”

  1. That’s a tough request since there are so many, many blogs I like. And you can find them all on my blogroll. But, if I had to choose one that I think you would enjoy it would be Robin’s “Watawa Life” (http://www.robink.ca/blog/) blog. It’s 90% photography. He takes photos all over Ottawa and has a weakness for little animals and sometimes, like today, big animals, too. He captures some amazing photos of tiny insects, plants, architecture, people, the sky, the grass — everything. Oh and if you like quirky short, short, short stories along the lines of Aesop’s fables, I would direct you to Winnipeg blogger: Happy and Blue2 (http://happyandblue2.ca/)

  2. My hubby has a ham license. Don’t think he uses it much these days.

    I was thinking about this just yesterday. I re-read books a lot & was into The Dead Zone by Stephen King. It made me think of all the things that were not around then (roughly 1980), like Google to do research.

    Well, my friend Jessica started a blog recently. Here is one post she titled, “The whole family goes squirrelly.” http://jessicareynoldsshaverrenshaw.blogspot.com/2010/06/whole-family-goes-squirrelly.html She lived in Japan as a child & her whole family sailed around the world in protest of Hiroshima. Her earlier posts are on that.

    Of course, Alane, from Land of Shimp frequently makes me laugh (& you would have seen her posts at Jo’s blog). http://landofshimp.blogspot.com/

    I like the blog, O Me of Little Faith, tho i don’t always relate to it. He is into an “honest Christianity” as opposed to wearing masks. http://blog.beliefnet.com/omeoflittlefaith/2010/07/what-do-atheists-think-of-christians.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+JasonBoyett+%28JASON+BOYETT%3A+O+Me+of+Little+Faith%29

    I enjoy Little Homestead in the City, just because of the lifestyle they embrace (& they are not too far from me, so i can visit there, someday). http://urbanhomestead.org/journal/

  3. The one’s I like most are in my sidebar… help yourself, digging up tasty nuts is your natural line of work… happy hunting
    :- )

  4. XUP,
    Thanks. Your recommendations were spot on. I had already noticed “Watawa Life” but for me “Happy and Blue2” is a wonderful new and deliciously quirky discovery. I do like his tales. 🙂

    Thank you. I looked in to all your suggestions and they are all very interesting. Your friend Jessica has certainly led an interesting and uncommon life.

  5. Owen,
    You’re off the hook cause you are constantly suggesting new squirrel related posts and bloggers anyway. And many thanks for that.

    Thanks. I am unfortunately more of a Star trek the original oily Captain Kirk and pointy ears Spock fan. Still I will visit Wil for a spell but I regret I will probably warp out at the first hint of techion rays.

  6. Mago,
    Many thanks. I like your suggestions especially since I have never met anyone from the South Sandwich Islands and could do with more European blogs too.

    Wandering Coyote,
    wherever did you unbury the Bad tempered Zombie or unearthed Professor Worm? But they are both great recommendations.

  7. Lorac,
    Thank you very much. Your two recommendations are wonderful. Fits my ideal for finding rare and isolated bloggers. I am thrilled to now know a blogger from Yukon and from the wilds of Africa where lions visit their home. marvelous.

  8. I look forward to checking out the blogs mentioned above. I found your blog from one of my favorites – XUP. I also have sooo many favourites (including Watawa Life – what a gem!) I’m going to take a chance that you might like View from the Glen (http://viewfromtheglen.blogspot.com/) Denise lives in rural Glengarry, Ontario and her writing is beautiful. She writes about her passion for reading/history/cooking/poetry and captures life on a working farm. Sometimes she throws in a “history mystery” and gives clues about the famous characters identity. It’s different and captivating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  9. Many thanks to everybody. I dunno if its because you guys know me well or they were lucky guesses but all the blogs you recommended seem to hit the spot. They are exactly the kind of weird, wonderful, creative and eclectic mix that I was hoping to find. Thanks to you guys, I can now follow blogs in isolated Yukon, Sandwich Islands, Africa and rural Ontario. I also have shaken hands with Bad tempered Zombies and Bookworms. You have also introduced me to some real special characters. Thanks again everyone.

    Thanks for the intro to Denise and rural Ontario. Where is Glengarry in relation to Ottawa or Toronto? I am already interested to learn more about the effect of classical music on livestock. 🙂

    I visited Rewoven Life and was impressed by the raw and honest emotions coming off the words on her blog. Thank you. This one is a special gem.

  10. I don’t need to use Morse code then do I.

    I too find technology and it’s pace so amazing. I punched 100’s of those IBM cards.
    Well you can come over and meet myself – Lisleman. Check this similar post –

    Also I have a blogroll full of blogs I like but I would like to point one out that is very interesting because of the blogger’s location – Namibia. His blog is

  11. You followed me for the handful of years I was more actively blogging at “Grey and Red: A Squirrel Journal,” and I have gone on hiatus from that, for a bit. I hope all is well with you LGS. Just wanted you to know, however, that I have indeed become a “HAM” (a vegetarian ham, but a ham nonetheless) and am “on the air” as often as I can be, from my “ham shack” – and I “travel” the world. So it’s funny how things come full circle. The Internet is the Internet, however, and radio is radio – and the two are not the same. If ever you want to get back into ham radio, well, the airwaves await you. You can still blog and email……but there’s nothing like riding the ionosphere and chatting out there in the cosmos.

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