Lady’s Slippers – Sparkling in the Sun

The internet is fixed, I survived the Inquisition (the visit to the dentist) and the sun is shining again. Hence, I shall steer away from by series of “horror” inspired posts and post titles of late and instead have something so bright and sunshiny that it would make Edward Cullen sparkle like the Hope diamond.

Just before the dark clouds rolled in last week, I went to the Floral Festival at Putrajaya (Malaysia’s new administrative hub). As far as flower shows go, I have seen many which were much better but having said that, I thought that much effort had gone into organising it and it was much better than I had feared. The parts of the show that relied heavily on flower arrangement and human creativity was really sad but where the landscape was given to just simply showcasing the natural beauty of the flowers, it was wonderful.

Now obviously, there were lots to feast the eyes on but for me, one of the clear highlights was the exhibition of orchids. I do not know nearly enough about orchids as I would want. Although my mother was a fervent orchid planter in her younger days, I never learned anything beyond the basics which consisted primarily of the colloquial names of some of the plants such as “Lady’s Slipper” and “Spanish Dancer”.

Orchids may sound exotic but some species of orchid is found in almost every part of the world and is considered to be the second largest family of flowering plants. Asia probably has the most number of species of orchids and in Malaysia many species can be found i the jungle including terrestrial and epiphytic types.

Anyway, once again words seem to be getting in the way of my attempt at a photographic post. So let me just cut to the chase and introduce you to some Slipper Orchids (Cypripedioidea,). They are unusual because the flowers possess a pouch which traps insects and forces them to exit by pollinating the flower. There are 5 genera but the Paphiopedilum genus is found primarily in South East Asia.

Photo by LGS
Photo by LGS
Photo by LGS
Photo by LGS

19 thoughts on “Lady’s Slippers – Sparkling in the Sun”

  1. Are you sure those are orchids ? And not aliens just trying to fool you into thinking they are flowers ???

    Oh, and many, many profound thanks for passing on the info about the ailing squirrel to your friend who is a squirrel first aid provider… I saw both your and her messages today, and can only hope that some good came of it. Thank you, I am more then ever convinced that you are a most noble and eminent grey squirrel.

  2. It’s too bad you can’t remove that loud and busy background — it doesn’t do these lovely flowers justice! Glad to hear you’re in better spirits.

  3. The flowers were absolutely beautiful. Yesterday I posted about bright and sunny also with a much different tale. Glad your trip to dentist went well.

  4. So glad you survived it all.

    Flowers can be such funny things in their shape. God has quite a sense of humor, i think.

    The photos are lovely, but i do think the last orchid, the green one with stripes, is exquisite. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Owen,
    I too hope some good came out of our intercontinental efforts. That would really make my day. As for the aliens masquerading as flowers, one can never be sure.

    Glad you like them.

    Quite right. Shows my inexperience a bit but bear in mind that I was jostling with other wannabe photographers and the general crowd in the hot sun which was not ideal for creativity. I did have one nice one of a ginger flower but I am saving that for another post.

  6. Joyce,
    I went over to read your “sunny” post. What can I say? “into each life some rain must fall?” Anyway, glad you survived your eventful and exciting adventure. I have aquaplaned once and it was really scary cause there was a big 16 wheeler truck next to me at the time.

    I still have two more visits to the dentist so it ain’t over til the fat squirrel screams! Glad you like the floral distraction. And, yes, I do believe God does have a sense of humor.

  7. It aint over ’til the fat squirrel screams??!

    *huge breath in*

    That made my day……..seriously!

  8. I can’t explain it, but I do not like orchids. I don’t like any flowers with thick petals or big inside pieces sticking out. I want flowers to be small, thin and delicate. I have no idea why. Nice pics though and I’m glad you survived the root canal.

  9. Wow, those are amazing. I have always found orchids to be beautiful, intriguing and just a wee bit creepy. I’m not sure I can explain why, they just seem almost like internal organs.

  10. SweetCheeks,
    So glad that my pain will not be in vain. 🙂

    I do understand what you mean. Orchids though beautiful seem to be disturbingly mysterious compared to more common flowers.

  11. TWM,
    It is there for us to enjoy and to inspire.

    Secret Agent Woman,
    I think geewits feels the same way. They are unusual and some can be somewhat mysterious. The white ones are probably less creepy.

  12. Pleased the Internet is fixed, I really enjoyed your post and the photo’s are great.

    Thanks for the visit and comment , much appreciated.

  13. The Bean, who is a maniac about growing stuff, the more exotic the greater the mania, met a gentleman, while volunteering at his uni’s botanical gdns, who taught him all he could absorb about orchids. And then he died, which made the Bean very sad. But his love of orchids continues. He keeps telling me the names of the myriad different ones he has about the place, but my brain is not fertile ground for such information, so I nod and admire and continue in my ignorance! I recognize some in your pictures, and while I think they’re beautiful, I kind of agree with SAW that some of them seem a little sinister!

  14. Molly,
    I imagine that Florida or at least central and south America will have quite a large number of orchids too. I like to look at orchids but have no green thumb unlike the Bean. I guess orchids look very unfamiliar and therefore we impart a sense to it of being sinister. Hollywood does not help with movies like Anaconda and the Blood Orchids.

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