Tea and Sympathy

Tea and Sympathy ( a movie based on a play which was based on a book and which caused quite a stir when it was released in 1956 because of its subject matter.  Deborah Kerr is superb in this movie.  Click here to find out more.)

My Wife: “So how was the dental appointment?”

Me (with tears of pain while cradling my jaw in my hand): “It was terrible!  I am in such pain.”

My Wife: ” C’mon, it can’t be that bad.  Surely the dentist gave you a local anesthetic so you shouldn’t have felt any pain.”

Me (slurring my words on account of pain); “That was then.  The effect of the anesthetic has now wore off.”

My Wife: “Why should there be any pain now?  It was a root canal procedure.  The nerve is supposed to have been removed.”

Me: “Are you kidding?  First he drills, then he probes, then he uses these medieval wire files and he scrubs the nerve our of the root canals, then he crams in some kind of filler and uses this sharp metal probe to hammer it in.  My whole jaw is sore.”

My Wife: “Ah, you just have a low pain threshold.”

Me:  “I have it on good authority from a fellow blogger (geewits) that it is more painful than childbirth.”

My Wife: “How does she know?”

Me: “Because she has gone through both and she says she’d rather go through childbirth!”

My Wife: “You know what I think?  I …..think…….that …….you ……are ……a……..DRAMA QUEEN!”

Epilogue:  I got no sympathy and I also got no tea.

Epi-epilogue:  I am however joining my wife for a week on the beaches of Bali.  Beaches at last.  I’ll try to post if I can.

Deborah Kerr and John Kerr: The Headmaster's wife and the student


16 thoughts on “Tea and Sympathy”

  1. Have a great time! Question? What do you have after root canal? At least after child birth you have a new life to love and raise.

  2. Didn’t your wife read the “sickness and health” part of your marriage contract. The subsection to that part is you have to indulge your spouse whenever he/she feels sick or in pain and you’re obligated to believe them and offer them succour and sympathy

  3. Oh the horror! I know of these many root canals. I agree, they are not painless. The only saving grace is, down the track of time, you still have the anchored tooth in your head. Which is a major triumph, really, as opposed to false teeth!
    I hope by now, you have enjoyed a wonderful soothing holiday!

  4. Beaches of Bali?? No sympathy here! I think I might even be willing to endure a root canal if I knew I’d get to go to beaches in Bali to recuperate!

  5. Sorry for your pain, jealous of your Bali vacation.

    “Tea and Sympathy” was a great play and movie. Deborah Kerr was marvelous, and John Kerr was also quite good. I have a dogeared actor’s copy of the play, which I did in drama school, and now that you’ve reminded me, I’ll have to read it again.

    Have a delightful, healing vacation.

  6. At least you were able to make sentences. I’m sorry for your pain but glad you lived through it. Have a blast at the beach!
    I once broke my arm on the way to the beach and rather than go back home (after a hospital set it) I continued on to the beach. I said, “My arm will be broken no matter where I am, and I’d rather be at the beach.

  7. Thanks to every one (except Molly) who offered there sympathies. However, before you all think badly of my wife, I do have to confess that I was milking the pain thing as much as I could to fish for sympathy but my wife who knows me well did not take the bait.

    Apparently, after you survive a root canal, they reward you with a crown. Only thing is that you have to visit a dentist again for this honor and they seem to honor the tooth with the crown rather than the tooth’s owner. Seems like a bizarre voodoo dental ritual, if you ask me.

  8. XUP,
    No sympathy for my root canal I ‘m afraid despite my very best theatrical performances. However, this woman bore with me when I came down with Chicken pox (really badly) a few years ago when i was so hideous that I even scared myself when I looked in the mirror. So she is already tops in my book.

    Yes! I will now fulfill a lifetime ambition of being a beach bum and I am already developing a painful sunburn as my beach bum badge.

  9. Molly,
    Now, now. Don’t be like that. After all, you get to enjoy Florida’s great waters and beaches all the time. But you are right, it is absolutely a worthwhile trade – a root canal for a trip to Bali. I have also traded my toothache for a sunburn. 🙂

    I am glad you commented on Deborah Kerr and Tea and Sympathy. It may seem tame by today’s standards but I think for its time it was daring, real and challenging. I actually saw it when I was quite young and while I did not necessarily understood some of the more adult issues, I was completely in awe of the sense of empathy Deborah Kerr’s character had.

  10. geewits,
    Once again we seem very similar. No trifling injury will keep us from enjoying our holiday or adventure. I have endured severe lower back spasms while jungle trekking for a week and also while riding pillion on a motorcycle expedition around Ontario, Canada in 5 days.

    Cruel but also so, so nice. I recommend both Bali and a good wife!

  11. I have a little secret for you – the only reason women ever say that X is more painful than childbirth or they would rather go through childbirth than X is because they get a baby at the end of it all and that makes the pain worthwhile. But I am thoroughly skeptical that a root canal with numbing was more painful than my 12 hours of labor and episiotomy and delivery of an 8 1/2 child with no painkiller of any sort.

    Still, I’m sorry for your (lesser) pain and hope the beach trip with your wife is the thing that makes the memory fade.

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