Squirrel on chair

Bali Squirrel Cult

Hi  guys and gals.  The Lone Grey Squirrel is back from his short week in the magical Indonesian island of Bali.  I am happy to report that Bali is exceedingly squirrel friendly.

I am not just talking about the wonderful beaches, the therapeutical ocean waves and breezes, the famous Balinese hospitality, the meditative sounds of the gamelan, the stimulating culture or even the mind numbing and body pleasing Balinese massage.  Bali is a place for healing frazzled squirrels.

Why there is even a God of Frazzled Squirrels! (see photo below).  I found this statue of the God of Frazzled Squirrels near the hotel where I stayed in Nusa Dua.  Clearly, people seeking the favor of the God and his help for a frazzled squirrel friend, come to the statue and make offerings and sacrifices which are placed in the convenient offering holder at the base of the statue.  Strangely, the offerings consist mainly of sweet or ice cream wrappers.

Squirrel Rubbish Container
The God of Frazzled Squirrels with receptacle for offerings.

The cool thing is that after the offerings are made, a squirrel can enjoy all the pleasures of the island and before the week is out, the frazzled squirrel has been replaced by a chilled out and relaxed squirrel (as seen stretched out on a poolside deck chair)

Squirrel on chair
Squirrel Chillin' on Poolside Chair

So, like the squirrel in the photo, I had a wonderfully relaxing time doing things slow.  Normally, I am the type that has to cram in and see  most of the top twenty tourist attractions  of any holiday destination.  You would not normally find me just chilling by the pool or reading a book while enjoying the sea breeze at the beach but that was exactly what I did this trip.  I spent only one day doing the mad tourist and spent the rest of the time bumming.  It was a good way to spend the holiday.

One of the last things that I did was to treat myself to a Balinese massage.  It was blissful.  Your body becomes so relaxed, that you feel that you could melt away ….and your mind reaches a new state of consciousness and wonder.

Specifically, I wondered whether the fact that I have been stuffing my face with food, drinking beer and had a massage would make my meat tender and evenly marbled with speckles of fat like what happens to the cattle in Kobe, Japan.  Would I be  a Bali version of Kobe Squirrel?

19 thoughts on “Bali Squirrel Cult”

  1. A Kobi squirrel? I can’t see how that would be a bad thing… ;-D

    Except for the fact that a Kobi beef gets eaten at the end…

  2. You know, of course, that to us over here in the New World, a vacation in Bali sounds like something not even real, right? Like a trip to Florida sounds like the epitome of exotic to a Brit. Or a winter in Ottawa sounds like heaven on earth to someone from Malaysia….no, not like that last one. Bali is a movie place. Not a place actual people actually go.

  3. The God of frazzeld squirrels must have had an calming effect on you and the beautiful island of Bali did the rest. My brother was active He went biking on Bali so he must have missed this squirrel. Hopeyou feel refreshed for a long time to come

  4. So was that lizard an attendant to the frazzled squirrel?
    I think it would be better to feel like a Kobe beef cow than to actually be one, right?
    And more pictures of Bali, please???

  5. There is only one way to find out if the squirrel has become as tender a Kobe beef. I’ll be doing some grilling later tomorrow would you care to come to Detroit?

    A one way ticket should be sufficient.

  6. After all that unwinding I would think the massage would be necessary to put squirrel
    back in right order. I have a chipmunk around here that jumps on to my cylinder bird feeder-wraps his body around it, and fills his cheeks up with sunflower seeds and jumps off. Glad you had great trip to wonderful place.

  7. Glad to see you are relaxed and tension free, Mr. Squirrel!
    Massages are the best.
    Welcome back~

  8. Beach! Gamelan! Massage!

    Man, I AM jealous. I have Mud, HipHop and Mr.PowerTool in rainy Franconia. Anyway, good to see that you enjoyed your trip and had a relaxing vacation: Welcome home LGS!

  9. Hi Teri,
    Yes, having marbled meat is probably good for one’s complexion if one can only escape from being eaten.

    I do know that I am very blessed to have been able to go to a place like Bali. But you would be surprised to learn that my wife misses the winters in Canada.

  10. Marja,
    Your brother is no slouch. I imagine he cycled in the hills. It is very nice and picturesque there but the traffic consisting of tour buses and taxis is making it less pleasant these days.

    What you say is true but it would be even better to eat Kobe beef than to be one. As for the lizard, I know it looks like one but it was meant to be a piece of branch at the top of the coconut which is what the squirrel is sitting on. The coconut in turn is really a waste receptacle. The place is full of such rubbish bin sculptures. I shall be posting about Bali with photos for awhile. I hope it won’t be too boring for you faithful readers.

  11. Mark,
    This is not the first time that you have invited me for a barbeque. I get a bad feeling about it though. Rumor has it that squirrel is eaten in some parts of the USA. Does that include Detroit?

    Thank you for feeding the chipmunk!

  12. Sweet cheeks,
    Thanks. Truly, I have not been so stress free in over 15 years. I wonder how long it will last.

    I am sorry. Wish you could have been here. But look on the bright side of things. Ummm, let’s see. You have Oktoberfest, Bratwurst and a great football team!

  13. SAW,
    Enjoyed your post on the squirrel. I have given my reason for his strange behaviour. i hope you are convinced that there is no insidious squirrel plot for world domination.

    Okay, let me try again. “Beer gardens, sauerkraut, and ????” Sorry no ideas for the third one.

  14. LGS, I hope you did not have to make too many offerings to the God of Frazzled Squirrels using your American Express card. Do the gods of the frazzled require plastic – or will they take cash (or just a stash of nuts)?

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