Keeping Warm on Winter Nights

Life has been rather busy lately.  I have a surprising amount of work to do for a beach bum.  Also I seem to be having writer’s block.  Okay, actually I am just too lazy to post anything original as I have been busy typing papers these last few days.

So, allow me to share with you this video which I unearthed after detailed research as a service to romantics around the world and to increase global understanding of our friends from the land of perpetual ice.

13 thoughts on “Keeping Warm on Winter Nights”

  1. geewits,
    Isn’t it just? Isn’t she a one in a million!?! 🙂

    I don’t know if you are still out there on the dating scene but I hope this post has helped you prepare for dating Viking women. I wonder what helpful tips you might have on dating African women.

  2. XUP,
    Not being a linguistic expert, I had to put “beurk” through my desktop translator. Surprisingly, it was able to tell that it was French for “yuck”. Isn’t technology marvelous.

    I’d date her. She’s refreshingly different! I’d just order something else for my own meal.

  3. Gosh, how fortunate we are to have you out there doing advanced dissertation level research for us ! Nearly busted a gut laughing when she snorts at the end ! Now how charming is that. Jeez, did you get her phone number ? Can you share it with us ???

    Funny, alot of Americans and Europeans are looking for Asian wives… could this lead one to believe that there are Asian men who are looking for northern European wives???

    Wow, I wonder if there are any escort services specializing in enchanting ladies like this goddess ???

  4. SAW,
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think she is quite attractive from a refreshingly different sort of way. A sort of sweet anti-Miss Manners.

    So many good questions but I’m afraid it would take incredibly more, much more research time to find all those answers than the 3 minutes I spent researching this post. But no, you can’t have her telephone number. Go find your own goat head eating, snorting Viking goddess. Perhaps a trip to Iceland is the order of the day?

  5. Well, that clip was very short, but funny though it really didn’t do the Icelandic menu any favors… When I have strolled through the grocery store (Bonus) in Iceland, they do indeed have frozen ram’s heads – I haven’t tasted one but I doubt that they are consumed with such gusto at the dinner table except during Thorrablot (Þorrablót). I have sampled many other Icelandic delicacies, including Hákarl (rotted shark – not my fav), Hangikjöt (smoked lamb – yummm,) Harðfiskur (wind dried fish) , Skyr (fabulous sort of like yogurt), Pönnukökur (Icelandic pancakes), and Kleiner (Icelandic doughnuts) which are all delicious and I crave them right now! Now I’m hungry dang it~

    On another note, I thought of you today when I read this post:

    Take care my friend!

  6. Terry,
    Thanks for the redirection to “crows-feet blogspot”. It was an interesting post and a very interesting blog. I have not tried any of the foods that you mentioned though I have seen the rotted shark and Skyr on TV.

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