Danger Squirrel

Recently I posted about the use of animals such as bears, geese and raccoons by Canadian criminals.  However when I suggested that squirrels could be used as dangerous weapons, some of you readers thought it was funny.  Yes, some of you did not seem to understand the danger squirrels pose.  Only Owen knew better than to diss the squirrel mafia.

So I decided to educate the gentle readers of this blog before they inadvertently provoke a dangerous squirrel out of ignorance.  Please watch the following educational videos but be warned………..you may never look at squirrels in the same way again.

27 thoughts on “Danger Squirrel”

  1. Ok, the first one was funny. I found the second one profoundly disturbing. I like squirrels, but i have serious respect for them. I feed them, but do not try to “train” them to eat from my hand. When upset, squirrels around here are known to drop insanely large pine cones from the trees onto cars & people below.

    I think the ones around us “like” us some because we feed them, but i’m not taking that for granted!

    I didn’t dis the idea of a comando team, Calvin. 🙂

  2. Wow! you’re right … I’ll never diss Squirrels again – I’m surprised that they’re not more widely used as guard Dogs … errrrm Squirrels …

  3. Whoa!! Gasp! Egad! I must warn the neighborhood cat lest he be deemed a spoiled nut by the squirrel population of Lancaster, PA! 🙂

  4. Um…that second video is scary…and creepy. That ought to make for fun dreams tonight. Thanks LGS. I didn’t realize squirrels & acorns/walnuts are potentially deadly combinations. Nice, cute little squirrely…

  5. Let’s see: Squirrel steak, stew. haunch, jerky, roast,creamed, creole, smoked, grilled. slow roasted. pan fried, breaded, boiled, baked…need I go on?

  6. The other day a squirrel was “barking” up a storm so I thought Barney was over there. I was on the deck. So I called Barney and he came from around the far corner of the house – nowhere near that squirrel. That’s when I realized the squirrel was “barking” at ME.

  7. Based on the comments I’m reading here, I think I’m glad my computer wouldn’t load those videos. We have a pack of entirely-too-comfortable squirrels that live in our backyard, and they make me shriek a lot.

  8. Never underestimate the power of squirrels. Just one glimpse of those black beady eyes and it’s clear they are up to no good…

  9. Thank you for this psa.

    While it may be true that I was mostly ignorant about this nuissance, my dogs were not. They’ve never trusted squirrels, not for a single second!

  10. Kathryn,
    A squirrel with a giant pine cone is formidable indeed.

    In fact I found a picture of a sign warning trespassers that the place was protected by squirrels. I could have taken it and included it in this post but I was afraid of copyright infringements and a visit from said squirrels.

  11. Sincerity,
    Lucky for cats that they have 9 lives.

    A squirrel-hater! I am shocked! We will have to send the squirrel PR team to your place with extra bushy tails.

  12. Laura,
    I hope you had pleasant dreams. The clip was actually from a children’s movie but I think is a bit creepy when you don’t know the context. In the clip, the squirrels work at examining walnuts and getting rid of bad nuts and that is what they were doing withthe girl…..checking for bad nuts.

    All I can say, Mark, is that you better watch out for raining corns during your next BBQ.

  13. Jocelyn,
    Your only choice is to pay up to the squirrel mafia. Feed them until they are too full to do mischief.

    Dogs and squirrels have long agreed that cats are the common enemy.

    Your wisdom is legendary.

  14. Did I ever tell you about the time I was attacked by two squirrels? It was a truly frightening experience. I was traumatized. They can be vicious little b*ggers…!

    But they are cute, though. 🙂

  15. Oh those wild and crazy rodents!
    The second one evokes a bit of the “Gulliver’s Travels” imagery, as I recall it……a true nightmare. But we know, of course, most squirrels are not THAT bad.

  16. Jo,
    Yes, squirrels are cute. When you awake,you will remember nothing else……but squirrels are cute.

    Sometimes squirrels get fed up of being cute and want to portray a bit of the “bad boy” image.

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