Lost and Re-Found 1

I was looking through some of my old posts and was upset to discover that some of the videos that I had previously loaded on to my blog had disappeared or was no longer available. The most common reason was that a certain music company (which shall remain nameless but which rhymes with Tony and starts with the letter ‘S’) had decided to be stingy with their permission of the use of their music. Can we all say the word “Grinch”?

So, I went hunting for my lost videos and was frustrated with WordPress as it did not seem to accept the embed codes from some of those video sources. However, the silver lining to this dark cloud was that I learned about Vodpod. With Vodpod, you can pretty much post any video on to WordPress and Vodpod is also a good place to keep a collection of videos and to share with others (check my sidebar Vodpod widget).

Anyway, here are three of the videos that I managed to resurrect from the dark void.

“Almost” Love Hurts Most

This post was about the pain of unrequited or almost love as illustrated via the “almost” love story of Buffy and Spike from the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Buffy really treats Spike quite badly but the poor fool finds redemption anyway.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Best Song

In this post, I was giving answers to a meme and in answer to one of the questions, I decided that my all time favorite song would be “I can’t make you love me”  as sung by Bonnie Raitt.  I later discover that it appeared as number 8 on a list of top 100 songs as voted on by songwriters.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dance, Dance.

This post explains why I should be placed in a straitjacket and prevented from going on the dance floor.  Phil Collins says it all in song.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


11 thoughts on “Lost and Re-Found 1”

  1. Stony – A Kidney Brothers Company.

    I went through my Sunday Musics and linked in the videos that got lost when I moved over from blogger. And found music and film sequences now unavailable because of saied company. I have a very large list in the bookmarks of my browser and slowly but steadily loose orientation – so thank you for the vodpod thing, I will look for it!
    I am always a bit concerned about the limit of space – I know there are three gigabite free and I am farfar from using them … it’s a relic still from the old times when memory-space of any kind was expensive.

  2. cabcree,
    Thanks for the laugh. I heard through the grapevine that the impostor was CIA.

    “Stony – A Kidney Brothers Company” very clever and very funny. I hope you like Vodpod, I think it is great. No more cutting and pasting codes. Everything done by pushing a couple of buttons.

  3. SAW,
    I hope you will find Vodpod useful for keeping a selection of favorite videos. It is so easy to collect from different sites at a push of a button or two. It even allows collecting a video and posting to WordPress blogs with the press of a single button. That Phil Collin’s video is a very old one……shows my age.

  4. I hate when that happens!! Hi LGS…. Thanks for sharing Vodpod! I can’t sing or dance but I’ll never give it up! Have a nice day!


  5. Hi LGS,
    I can’t compete with you on quantity so will have to go with quality. Anything with Phil Collins name on it two albums after Gabriel left Genesis is to be avoided (I’ll make an exception for “In The Air Tonight”). But let me introduce you to something utterly sublime from the early catalogue of Tom Waits before he had smoked too many cigarettes -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdy4ell_dtM&feature=related

  6. Hi Gina,
    I think you will like Vodpod as you can collect and access all your favorite videos easily. About not being able to dance…..well, at least we both can walk!

    Singular musings,
    Thanks for the direct to Tom Waits. I liked the song very much. A good song doesn’t need much accompaniment as in this case. I have added it to my music video collection on Vodpod.

    Perhaps……a Phil Collins Groupie?

  7. Have been struggling to blog recently but will try to send you the odd music recommendation from time to time….

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