In Local News…

I thought you might find yesterday’s local news to be an interesting snapshot of the kookiness of life here. I present some of the top stories without further comment.

Story 1 : The inquest into the suspicious death of Teoh, a political aide, who fell to his death from the office of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission was shown an “alleged” suicide note from Teoh. The police claimed to have found the “suicide note’ in Teoh’s belongings on July 17th 2009, just two days after his death but for some reason did not produce it to the coroner or to the inquest until over a year later.

Story 2: The Sultan of Kelantan has been ill for over a year and his eldest son, the Prince Regent, got the State authorities to agree to make him Sultan on the grounds that his father was incapacitated by illness. Now the older Sultan is suing to reverse that decision.

Story 3: Kelantan has another gem to contribute. Religious authorities has imposed new rules for those who participate in Tomoi ( a form of fighting sport which is similar to Thai boxing). The Kelantan government has announced that participants of tomoi boxing competitions must wear attire which cover the aurat (the area between the navel and knees for men). They must also wear shirts and no one can wear talismans or have tattoos on their bodies.

Way too much shameless exhibition of flesh

Story 4: In response to a dramatic increase in teenage pregnancy and abandoned babies, authorities are still debating about whether to allow sex education in schools but have decided to set up a special residential school where pregnant girls can be grouped together to continue their studies and have their babies away from prying eyes.

Story 5: A senior district police officer is under investigation after he went with some friends to go hunting in a forest reserve. It is not clear if they had permission to go hunting in the forest reserve but they went in and the police officer ended up shooting one of his friends, grazing his head and causing him to lose an eye. By way of explanation, the officer claims that they were hunting porcupines.

Okay, I know I said I would report the news without comment but “hunting porcupines”? His friend’s head should have been about five feet higher than where porcupines ought to be.


17 thoughts on “In Local News…”

  1. hunting accidents are sad, sad, sad. We had a grandfather in our area accidentally shoot and kill his grandson. The kid was cold and had put on a blanket that was brownish in color. the granddad thought it was a deer.

    okay, that was a downer. enjoyed the post though. 🙂

  2. Hehe yes, it just goes to show that people the world over are all the same, especially when it comes to ‘kookiness’ … a cabcree says, hunting accidents are sad, I know of two incidents here that have had tragic consequences – and not to forget the ex-US Vice President’s unfortunate experience …

  3. cabcree,
    That was a sad story. I can’t imagine what the grandfather felt after that.

    I remember many years ago, a story from New Zealand. Somehow a novice hunter managed to mistake his friend who was wearing a bright orange vest, as a deer. He shot the guy and when the victim tried to get up and as he was shouting for help, shot him again. He was so pumped up from the hunt that he could not comprehend it when people told him he had shot his friend but kept insisting it was a deer.

    Sweet Cheeks,
    Porcupines are hazardous……people get hurt while hunting them.

  4. People can make you wonder if they even think before they act. Just because you are supposed to uphold the law you feel free to break it. We are getting prime examples of that around here the last few days. Hunting stories get stranger all the time.
    It is all over this world….no area is free from this. We just have to do the best we can and hope we survive.

  5. Number 5 cracked me up. Did the fellow have a crew cut? Too much gel in his hair? How could he be mistaken for a porcupine.

    Why would anyone hunt a porcupine. What would they do with it?

    What a crazy world. 🙂

  6. Oh, Mr. Squirrel – we woke up too early this AM & read this. Number 5 & your comments have got us giggling like mad.

    Jo – before we reached your comment my hubby said, “Did he brush his hair that AM? Use too much hair gel? Those spikes must have gotten out of hand.” And that, of course, they’d use the porcupine as a hat! Oops! That must be what he did. Why did he have a porcupine on his head?

    Hubby also said that after a few beers, pink elephants & flying porcupines abound.

    Young Guns reference, “Did you see the size of that chicken?”

  7. Joyce,
    I am reminded of the saying, “Nothing is foolproof cause fools can be quite ingenious” as in finding new ways to shoot themselves or others.

    I asked myself the same questions! Haha! Especially, why would they hunt porcupines? perhaps they are walking kebab sticks.

  8. I heard porcupines are eatable according to some people. Nobody said how to prepare them for cooking. Do you use their quills to clean the oven before you cook them?

  9. Well at least they aren’t just hiding the prenant girls and are continuing to educate them. And doesn’t “reserve” mean something? Like you are not supposed to hunt anything there? Even other people?

  10. Joyce,
    I once took an injured porcupine to a zoologist and he said that porcupines were ready made kebabs.

    Thanks but we could do without this type of “interesting”. 🙂

    In a way, they are hiding them by keeping them away from other kids and at the same time they are not addressing the lack of sex education which contributes to these girls getting knocked up. As to ‘forest reserves”, here it means that the forest is reserved for timber production or hunting. The only thing is that a permit is required but that isn’t much of such an obstacle.

  11. I wonder how the traditional boxing could have survived for so long, indecent as it is … What next? Swimming only in full gown?
    And I see that the riddle around poor Teoh finally is solved. I hope they allowed the ink to dry … isn’t it a shame that people have to enter stately preserved areas to get rid … never mind.

  12. Mark,
    I have decided not to have my next vacation in Detroit on account of your last comment and the fact that you have recipes for various squirrel dishes.

    I used the word “kookiness” but I really mean “What the Hell are they thinking?!?!”.

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