Heroine Against Modern Slavery

I believe that like me, some of you gentle readers were a little shaken by the last post on the ill treatment of marginalised women in the Magdalene Laundries.  I thought I should follow up that post with a more positive one.

I met a very special person in 2005 when she and I were part of a special study tour of the USA which was organised for representatives of non-profit organisations. She is from Costa Rica and her name is Mariliana Morales.  For a more complete telling of her amazing story, follow the link to my previous post “A Gift of Kindness“.

In a nutshell, Mariliana received a vision from God which directed her to work with and for the rehabilitation and rescue of women forced into prostitution.  In response, she gave up her thriving business career and entered the dark and dangerous world of pimps and organised crime.  Up to that point in her life, she had not even ever met a prostitute but after she obeyed the vision, God led prostitutes seeking help right to her door.

She went on to look for a place to house prostitutes, protect them from their pimps, provide re-training for another job, take in their children and give them education. Thus was founded the Rahab Foundation on November 12th 1997.

In the last 10 years, thousands have benefited from Mariliana’s and the Foundation’s work. Today, they provide sanctuary for over 500 seeking to escape prostitution and to make a new life. Over the years, 70% of those who have come through the Foundation have found freedom to live a new life.

As I was researching for this post, I came to learn that she was honored by U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, in June 2009 with an award and  recognition as a “Trafficking in Persons Heroine” or “Heroine against Modern Slavery”.  Congratulations Mariliana and thank you and all those at theRahab Foundation for your great work.

Mariliana Morales, Founder of the Rahab Foundation and Heroine Against Modern Slavery

As the Magdalene Laundries was named after a prostitute Mary Magdalene who is mentioned in the New Testament; so too,  the Rahab Foundation is named after a prostitute, Rahab, who helped carry out God’s will in the Old Testament.

Too find out more, follow this link and this link.

10 thoughts on “Heroine Against Modern Slavery”

  1. Mariliana is an amazing person indeed – I often wish that I could spend the rest of my life helping others less fortunate than myself – I look for signs but see none … or maybe the signs are there but I don’t ‘see’ them …

    Thanks for this inspiring post, you’ve given me something to ponder …

  2. It is soooo wonderful to see how God blesses those who take a risk and trust Him when He impresses something on their hearts. Many times we have to take the first steps out of our comfort zones before we can really know how to help others.

    This means that we need to research opportunities in non-profit organizations in our communities, search for opportunities at local churches, seek ways to volunteer in hospitals, and read our Bibles to make sure we’re on the right track.

    Another book I recommend for people eager to make a difference is ” When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting The Poor… or Ourselves” by Brian Fikkert, Steve Corbett, and John Perkins.

  3. Ah a real angel What a great job she does and how much hope she gives. She not only changes the lives of these women but from all the people around them. A very inspirational post.

  4. OneStonedCrow,
    I read somewhere that there are more people in slavery today than in any other time in history. We need people like Mariliana to remind us that slavery has not been designated to history.

    I agree and yet I doubt I have the faith to respond so willingly as Mariliana did in response to her vision from God.

  5. Sincerity,
    I believe as Christians we do need to get out of our comfort zone. I am reminded of an illustration which goes like this; “Most of us are like ships in a harbour – we may be safe but we are not doing what ships are made for which is to sail the seas.”

    She is one of the few people that I have met that I am in awe of.

    We get so much negative news that it is good to be reminded that some still light the way for us all in the midst of the darkness.

  6. Wow. What a great woman. Truly, God has touched her. What a wonderful example for all of us to follow.

    Excellent post, Mr. Squirrel (Is Calvin your real name?)
    Sweet Cheeks (Wendy is my real name…)

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