“The strong bright light shone straight into my eyes, blinding me and making it difficult to see my assailant clearly.  Not that it made much difference because my tormentor hid his face behind a surgical mask.  However, he made no attempt to hide his instruments of torture which lay in neat shiny rows on the small table to the right of me.

Sometimes strange thoughts just enter our minds when we are gripped in terror.  I was thinking of shouting out that I was an American and that you couldn’t do this to an American.  But of course, I wasn’t and I knew with sinking heart that there would be no U.S. marines coming through the door to rescue me.

He was so close to me that almost all I could see was the cold steely eyes behind the mask.  With evil sarcasm, he said, “This might hurt ……..just a little”.  The cruel bastard.  It was obvious that he was enjoying this.

And then, it began.  I heard the awful sound of the high speed drill as he brought it closer and then there was the blinding pain and the taste of blood in my mouth.”

Regular readers will know that I suffer from D.P and that I am a D.Q.

There is a Sadist behind that Smiley Mask.

21 thoughts on “Terror”

  1. Oh, such a horrible ordeal… my soothing condolences to a fellow DP sufferer! May it be over quickly, with no lasting effects (other than the novacaine)!

  2. Thanks for giving me a reason to be happy for falling down that flight of stairs when I was young. Now if there is a problem I take take them out and take them to the office.
    They can do what they will while I sit in waiting room reading my book. My time of fear is long gone. Have a great day with no fear!

  3. You are not alone with your DP, LGS. Does your dentist offer “the gas” as well as the freezing? My husband is also a DQ suffering with DP. He gets the gas just to have his teeth cleaned. (I think it’s also called laughing gas or nitrious oxide)

  4. I was drawn completely into this horror story and I am stil shivering. I know a blogger who has been in the army, I know somebody from the red cross and more Next time call me and we’ll be there to safe you. But hold on than your teeth don’t get done

  5. They’re all sadists ! The Tom Hanks method in the movie Castaway might be preferable… It’s the drill that does it for me… like fingernails on a blackboard…

  6. Terry,
    There was NO novocaine!

    That must have been quite a fall. Good that you can see the silver lining to something like that. But then freedom from fear is indeed much to be desired.

  7. I’m days behind in reading!

    I really really hate going to the dentist. Rarely do it. Of course they ruined my teeth (& almost certainly my health) by having my mother give me fluoride drops when i was a child. All my baby teeth rotted in my mouth & my adult teeth are so ugly.

    I hate dentist sense of humor. It is so rude! I had a filling once, where all the debris was falling down my throat, choking me. When i finally got the dentist to stop, he said, “It’s ok. Anything you swallow you can keep.”

    He’s lucky he was sitting where i couldn’t kick him.

  8. It is unforgivable for someone to have any sort of dental work without numbing medicine or at least some gas! Perhaps you should find a dentist willing to see to your comfort as well as the health of your teeth. Surely there are some there…right?!
    Hope you mend quickly Lovely Squirrel~

  9. secret agent woman,
    As a secret agent, I suppose you were trained to withstand even the torture of dentists without revealing any secrets. With me the secret is safe only until I hear the sound of the drill.

    You really had a bad experience with dentists. I am not familiar with the use of fluoride drops but I presume excess fluoride is bad for health. I think that patients should be equipped with a control. Whenever the dentist causes you pain, you press the button which sends a painful electrical shock to the dentist. That ought to train them to be more careful. You can also electro-shock them if they tell bad jokes.

  10. Funny but I was just talking with someone about this today and I said, “As much as I hate going to the dentist, I much prefer that to the thought of losing my teeth.” Maybe you should think about that. And, did you write that? It sounded familiar.

  11. geewits,
    It’s true. I would like to keep my natural ivory as long as possible. In fact, I’m quite attached to them (bad joke), so I’ll see the torturer/dentist in spite of my fear. And, yes, I did write that in a form that plays tribute to cheap action novels. I

  12. what?!? no lollipop?!?

    I learned recently that people had their teeth pulled and used dentures because it was fashionable. I want to ask…why?

  13. “Whenever the dentist causes you pain, you press the button which sends a painful electrical shock to the dentist. That ought to train them to be more careful. You can also electro-shock them if they tell bad jokes.”

    I LIKE this!

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