Phoenix Rising


The Phoenix rose and returned 33 men to the sun again.


For 68 long, dark days , thirty-three men who have been trapped some 700m below the surface after a collapse at a gold mine in Chile.  During that time, rescuers worked round the clock to keep the men alive and to dig a rescue shaft.   A rescue capsule, named the “Phoenix”, borrowed from the Chilean navy was on standby waiting for the rescue shaft to be completed.  Today, the Phoenix brought one man after another up to the surface and returned them to the sunlight.  Finally all the trapped miners and the rescuers were out and restored to their loved ones.

Recalling his experience, one of the miners said, “I have been with God and with the Devil.  I seized the hand of God.  It was the best hand.  I always knew God would get us out of there.”

The Lone Grey Squirrel happily joins in celebrating this miracle  and congratulates the miners, the rescuers, the families, the President and the people of Chile for their display of perseverance, unity, humanity and faith.


12 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising”

  1. The world watched as the mining story unfolded… it was fabulous to see all the pictures of the miners listed as survivors rather than among the dead. The darkness of the present receded a bit with the joy radiated by the miners and their families at their rescue.

    Hi LGS – good to see you. And, I love your beautiful fall leaves decorating your web page.

  2. Just another example of man’s strength with God’s help. Nothing is impossible for God….maybe improbable for man. Hope this will continue to be a happy story.

  3. Yay!!!! What a relief. I am very interested in how these guys managed down there..the stories which are to come. Amazing what people can accomplish with God’s help, and how the people above were as enduring as those trapped below. So glad for a happy ending to this near tragedy.

  4. cabcree,
    it’s nice to have something that we can unite and cheer about especially when around the world, the track record on rescuing victims of mining accidents is so poor.

    Indeed, a miracle – it should not be recognised as anything less.

  5. Terry,
    I agree! It has helped to lighten the darkness a little – that we are all united in prayer and in celebration. Good to see you here. Hope things are well with you.

    Truly, God was watching over them. Sadly though, some cracks are already showing in this happy story. One of the miner’s now has a decision to make whether to go home to his wife and the welcome party she has planned or to his girlfriend who has also planned a welcome party. His decision is now under the intense scrutiny of media.

  6. Gina,
    Indeed, there will be many inspirational stories. But also one or two not so good ones……see my reply to Joyce.

    Secret agent woman,
    This is a rare and incredible story. Just to emphasise how rare, about 17 miners were killed in a mine accident in China, just this last week.

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