The Sky is Falling….


It’s too late. Chicken Little was right.  Like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned, we collectively have wasted our time politicking and in self delusion until now, climate change and its impact on Earth and mankind has become a certainty.  The world will definitely change within the next 30 years.

In a study by the consultancy firm Maplecroft, the five main threats of climate change were looked at.  These are flooding, drought, storms, rising sea levels and changes to ecosystems.  The data was then analysed in a number of ways and  its impact on countries was assessed.

Most at Risk to Suffer Climate Change Effects (Maplecroft 2009)

Based on their current vulnerability and ability to cope , the worst countries are Somalia followed by Haiti, Afghanistan, Sierra Leonne, Burundi, Guinea, Rwanda, the Gambia, Chad and Nigeria.  Africa would seem to be the area of highest risk.  Least at risk is Norway followed by Finland, Japan and Canada.

Most Vulnerable to Climate Change Effects (Maplecroft 2010)

This list was a revision of the 2009 list above and placed a greater emphasis on a countries ability or lack of ability to respond to the effects of climate change.  This list has as most vulnerable, Bangladesh followed by India, Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, the Philippines, Haiti, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Myanmar.  Least vulnerable was Norway, Finland , Iceland and Ireland,

Most Vulnerable to Natural Disasters

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique, Haiti, the Philippines and Columbia are most at risk from natural disasters.

Most Vulnerable to Food Crisis

Afghanistan, DR Congo, Burundi, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, Liberia, Chad and Zimbabwe.  Least vulnerable are Finland followed by Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The message is clear. A pattern is forming and  in the interest of self preservation, I think I had better brush up on Norwegian and Finnish.

God dag. Kunne du trykk inn en vennlig flyktning ekorn hvem er skinn fra klimaet endre?”  (Norwegian)

Hei te antaa kotona ystävällinen pakolainen orava joka on häipyä polveutua ilmanala”  (Finnish)

“Hello.  Could you let in a friendly refugee squirrel who is fleeing from climate change?”  (English)

Sucking Up to Norwegian Immigration



15 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling….”

  1. The world is falling apart? Perish the thought! Give me a fiddle! Oh wait… I already have one. Then… I guess I’m set! 🙂 I’ll be sure to let any neighborhood squirrels know of impending doom though. They’re too small to play fiddles.

  2. The best way to deal with climate change is to drink an ice cold Strongbow. And yes, that’s the one I like too, I just couldn’t think of the name of it.
    Love your flag!

  3. Travel safely and go where you find more like…….OH NO there is no one like you. Guess you will just have to deal with it and adjust!

  4. Scary isn’t it…we’ve sure seen changes in the weather over the past few years – that company needs to live here a while…more violent storms including tornadoes which were unheard of till recently…

  5. Sincerity,
    Play that fiddle. Play a little dirge for the passing of men and then a jig to celebrate squirrels inheriting the earth. 🙂

    It’s true! Strongbow has a calming effect. No panic.

  6. Joyce,
    The Last of the Mohicans always touched me. And now it could be the Lone Grey Squirrel in Norway. How poignant.

    Yes, squirrels are used to preparing for the changing weather.

  7. Molly,
    Florida will flood. It’s time to return to the ol’ sod.

    Yes…..tornadoes in Canada is not a welcome development.

    Mr. Charleston,
    Surely a southern gentleman like yourself will miss the heat and humidity of the South in Alaska.

  8. Come on over the states, LGS. Most of us (save Arizona, perhaps) would love to have you!

    I should warn you though. The states aren’t completely exempt from disasters ourselves. Floodings in Arkansas, Tennessee, and New Orleans. Earthquakes in California. Hurricanes in Florida. Tornadoes in mid-America. The Detroit Lions in Michigan. And so on…

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