Second Me

Just some virtual fun.

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8 thoughts on “Second Me”

  1. Ooh, that’s bizarre.

    I guess, since you have now changed species, I won’t tell you what my friend’s cat did to a squirrel recently. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Nature, I guess…

  2. Owen,
    Thanks for the pointer in the right direction. That squirrel photo is really classy. Loved it. Captures the essence of wild squirreldom, as it were. Yes, I hope to have corrective surgery cause I wouldn’t want to remain as a generic mammal type.

  3. geewits,
    I think it can be creepy ……like if I met a geewits robot from Stepford wives -crreeepy.

    No squirrel will go unavenged. Now, what’s the name of the cat and where does it live?

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