Smell the Rat-atouille

My wife and I have a favorite little restaurant which we went to last night for dinner. The name of the restaurant is “Checkers” and it is a real meat eaters paradise.  The owner and chef is a real gourmet and foodie himself.  He creates a wonderful range of delicious and imaginative soups, salads and desserts.  In fact, there is nothing left wanting but meat and especially pork takes centre stage.

The menu includes wonderfully named items like “Pasta from Hell”, Porgy’s Best and LOTR.  Pasta from Hell is of course a very spicy spaghetti dish while Porgy’s best is a mound of some of the best cuts of pork served with salsa salad and mashed potatoes.  LOTR stands for Lord of the Ribs and is in fact a whole rack of smoky barbecued ribs.  Ummm. Delicious.

The restaurant is not very big at all with a capacity for just  about 25 people squeezed into a small space and it was pretty full last night.  We had arrived early and had enjoyed our meal of sorrel soup, papaya salad, pork chop and Porgy’s Best and was feeling quite full and sated.

As the rest of the diners continued with their meal, my wife and I were having a pleasant post dinner conversation.  At one point, I told my wife that I completed  a 13 week course with a local Christian organisation which I had taken.  There was a two part examination at the end of the course.  I was rather pleased that I was the top student with the highest points from the examination.  My wife asked me what were my results and I told her I got 94 and 96 out of 100 respectively.  She congratulated me but then asked who marked the examination.

I told her who marked the exams and as it happens it is someone who is known to both of us.  My wife narrowed her suspicious eyes  and teased that my strong performance in the exam was attributed to my knowing the examiner.  With a laugh she proclaimed loudly, “I smell a rat!”

“What?!?” I said.

“I smell a big rat!” she repeated.

A strange hush fell over the whole restaurant.  The owner-chef rushed to our table and asked anxiously, “You smell a rat? Here in the restaurant?”

I rolled in laughter as my wife tried to mumble and bumble an explanation that she was using that phrase metaphorically.  There was a moment of awkwardness before the owner-chef tried to rescue the moment.  “Actually, it reflects badly on a restaurant if no rat tries to steal its food.”

“How true! Check please.”

Incidentally, there is no ratatouille on the menu.


23 thoughts on “Smell the Rat-atouille”

  1. Fortunate folk that you are. “Checkers” here is a drive through only hamburger place with no seating and I think personally rat-atouille is the menu.

  2. So sorry your wife had an “open mouth insert foot moment”. I have to ask two questions: was she right and where are you going to eat for your next meal out.
    I hope you gave your wife a large hug after that moment! :o)

  3. oh my goodness!
    and what a storyteller you are!

    and what news can you give us about all the roiling about planet Earth is doing on your side of the world! I read the reports in the news …. but wonder what you can offer from a closer perspective….

    I am so glad to be in touch —

  4. Sounds like a delicious meal! No Rat-atouille? So, probably no Rat-au-van either? [You’d have to be a Black Adder fan. It IS van, not vin!]

  5. Read this this AM, & knew i had to read it to my hubby.

    We rolled, laughing, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Duane says, “And so we have yet another restaurant in which we are no longer welcome.”

  6. Ah ha… so you went out to dinner in order to take your mind off not having been able to get to Suzanne Vega’s show in Paris…

    Well, I guess that’s as good a remedy as any. And now you are probably watching the film “Ratatouille”… yep, mentioning rats in a restaurant is about as popular as mentioning bombs in an airport these days. In fact it’s probably not smart to even mention bombs in a comment box… the intelligence services of seven nations are going to be outside your house tomorrow morning…

  7. Mark,
    My condolences. I think I’d rather have a tofu burger than a ratatouille infused drive through hamburger. What is the iconic Detroit food?

    What? No, no rat. Really. Just honest hardworking and non-cheating squirrels. And not sure about where we will eat next. Aren’t that many places where our names aren’t on the blacklist. Hmmm. 🙂

  8. Kat,
    Not sure what news of roiling earth to which you refer but the big news here is the big one week old floods in the north of Malaysia and southern Thailand. Almost the entire region is flooded. We had similar floods just 10 years ago and it was billed as the once in 50 years mega flood. Well, it has happened again and only after 10 years. Global warming? The Gunung Merapi eruption and related tsunami is not that unusual for Indonesia so although Merapi continues to cause problems, it is not generally viewed as extraordinary. Still lives were lost including the mystic guardian of the mountain whose job was to appease the mountain god and who died trying.

  9. letstalkdementia,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. Welcome to my strange realm. Do come by again.

    Thank you for teaching me that in Rat-au-van, it shouldbe Van and not Vin. However, I am thinking I’d rather not have Rat at all.

  10. Kathryn,
    We are running out of restaurants that will let us in! 🙂

    Thanks to you! I am sulking over not seeing Suzanne Vega in concert and now, thanks to you as well, I have secret service agents interrogating me about the use of the words “bombs” and “airports” in the comment section of this blog. I may have to rat on you.

  11. that’s hilarious! reminds me when John and I were going to Omaha to visit relatives and when we got on the plane they announced that the plane was heading for Omaha. And John said…a little loudly, “Omaha?” The guy behind us though we were on the wrong flight. No, just my sassy husband being funny. 🙂 This is before security tightened so much that even a joke would get you arrested.

  12. hearts,
    I have actually eaten raw rat liver but that’s another story.

    So far it hasn’t happened with my wife but it could be just a matter of time. She loves watching fires. She actually follows fire engines to their destinations.

  13. Mr. Toad,
    What brought you squirrel hunting all the way up in northern Finland? Don’t worry all those northern reds work for Santa.

    Thanks for coming by. I went to look at those photos and they are great. The squirrel seems very friendly and unafraid. He/She must like you. Thanks for the great photos.

  14. OMG ! How did Elisa track us down here so fast ???

    I think her squirrels are not working for Santa but for the Finnish equivalent of the CIA or KGB or whatever !!! Now that is something to REALLY be worried about !

  15. 🙂 We certainly are clever tracking.. And I just visited Santa in Lapland. Have you ever been here.. something really mystical can happen so near Christmas ;))

  16. Owen,
    All is discovered. We are “finished” (bad pun). We are kaput.

    I have not been to Finland and you are actually my first Finnish visitor to my blog (apart from Brother John who is Finnish but who lived in Minnesota). I should mention that long before blogging, when I was very young, I had a pen pal from Finland.

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