Squirrel in Deep Thought

It has been awhile since I wrote a poem

And I thought that I would try tonight

But I failed to get the flow going

The whole effort did not seem right


The words could not convey the image

My heart so dearly desired to share

If effort was placed on the message

Then rhythm and rhyme was bare


And when I did with effort apply my mind

To this task of poetry writing

I might have managed to make things rhyme

But only by sacrificing meaning


And so at last, I am forced to conclude

That on this night no poem is born

Please forgive me for being rude

But where the heck has my Muse gone


It’s so late now that it’s early morn

So with redden eyes, I admit defeat

There’s no point in plodding on

This squirrel needs his beauty sleep


10 thoughts on “Non-Poem”

  1. I second the opinion of a certain Secret Agent, this appears to be a defunct, deceased, expired squirrel ? Which raises all sorts of possibly poetic questions…

    A squirrel born just the other day
    Was caught by a cat who went out to play ?

    A bright young squirrel lost his head
    When a man he saw out strolling
    To escape across a road he fled
    Where a motor car came rolling ?

    A squirrel babe, just out of the nest
    Failed his very first balancing test
    From a high limb the poor lamb did fall
    Sad for him for the tree was rather tall ?

    Perhaps the explanation is just that you
    Wanted to make a squirrel stew ?

    My apologies, my skills at rhyming poetry are quite limited…

  2. PS **** Squirrel Flash *****

    A squirrel was spotted on a French blog today, but it seems to be from California ? Either these darned squirrels are multiplying faster than rabbits and really do intend to take over the world, or my squirrel tracking cookies are becoming more effective as I take over more and more computers around the world with them…
    (evil laugh…)

  3. Secret Agent and Owen,
    Very astute of both of you but you will not get us to admit it. We did say that the squirrel was in”deep thought” – you know the kind of deep meditation that you sometimes don’t wake up from. Besides, that is clearly not the Lone Grey Squirrel in the picture. We are using a “body double”. We refuse to confirm or deny if that was a live body or dead one. If you persist with this allegation, we may have to call on the testimony of our forensic experts in the next post.

    litigiously yours,
    LGS’s Public Relations Company.

  4. Oh Squirrel, you’re wrong,
    I do believe, something was overlooked.
    Your muse was there,
    Your poem took shape,
    The audience was hooked.

    So don’t despair,
    Your muse was there!
    It’s plain as plain can be.

    Your poem toook shape,
    And more than that,
    You also inspired me.

  5. TWM,
    Exactly. They should “leaf” sleeping squirrels lie. Oooo. That works on several levels, especially the double meaning on the last word. Aren’t I an evil genius!

    I bow down to your superior rhyme,
    It is so much better than mine,
    But I’ll shamelessly take credit
    For inspiring you to pen it
    I wish I had a better last line.

  6. the sleepy gray squirrel sets to writing
    intending to rhyme from the start
    with message and rhythm uniting
    his poetry flows from the heart!

    love the poem!

  7. I hope the squirrel is alive,
    He sleeps so soundly in his “hive.”
    And yet a clue, you might suppose,
    Is in the way his eyes have closed.
    I’m sure his breath makes not a sound,
    Alas, his body’s not curled round
    And that’s the way most squirrels sleep
    (I suspect his thoughts are very deep).
    A gorgeous creature, nonetheless.
    This saddens me, I must confess.

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